The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


Or not.


Love your work. Sorry, just wanted to say that. :razzy:


:u: thanks!

@AYO: sad face


Whoops forgot to check this thread. Thank you.


What can you do with this?


It says the image has been removed. Seems like you have been imageshacked.


Looks like I’m all caught up for now. Just waiting on Arcade Fire.


Looove it, thanks Savaii. I got one more idea for you in my head I’ll share when I get home if you don’t mind.


Well that’s unfortunate.

Try this


Hey Savaii, could I get a premium animated av w/ this w/ the dark background and red dragon from this and Viciou$ somewhere on it.


idk if lbc is still around but i wanted to get this old avatar remade for me from the old srk before the upgrade.I want to have it premium since i most likely will go back to premium.

this is the old image

this is the source image



Still open for business bro?


As long as the thread is open, yep.

LBC seems to be on an extended vacation. I’ll see if I may be able to replicate it though.[/img]



What can you do with this?


Probably magic as he usually does, also DAT NINJA NURSE TITTIES!


Would it be possible to get one of you awesome graphic artists to take a stab at an avatar for me?

Using that image and maybe do some effects on the blueish lighting going across the screen. Feel free to change it if something you have in mind looks cooler. Thanks in advance for checking it out and if no that is cool as well.


Since SRK will not allow me to use my old avatar, I would like to request a new one using the photo below of crimson viper. I would like to have vipers SF4 model on it doing seismo feints, as well as a nice background with some cool effect, and my name if at all possible. If that’s asking too much then just work your magic and include my name somewhere on the avatar. Thanks in advance.


Hoo… been a while. :smiley:
Thanks for waiting around.

Tr@pzt@r…I’m still looking for Viper’s SF4 model doing seismo feints.
Jae: I’m stuck. D: But will break through.


Sending you a PM soon brah.


hey if he doesn’t want to rock that av I’ll take it. Can I get my name on it tho bro?