The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


Sure thing fir will do.


thx bro.




sorry to bug again sav, but can you do anything with these two in getting them to work together?


Hm…I’ll see what I can do.


savaii, wanna make me another sig? your the best btw. Hit me up in messages if you got time.


Savaii, I havent asked for a request in a LONG time so I hope you can do this one for me.

Just add whatever you think makes it better. Thanks alot.


Yo Savaii!

could you do something with this please?


Kinda random…let me know what you think :bgrin:


Savaii I have requested 3 avatars from you in the past and love your work. Especially my daft punk one you did. I would like you to use this image if possible and have my gamertag in it. and add any special effect to it that you would like please.


that works for me, thx again!


Cool beans. :smiley:


Thanks savaii, looks great! :tup:


lol my avatar got sniped wtf. Thanks Savii sorry for the delay i checked back for like a week and figured the thread was on hiatus again. I will rock it though even with that impostor out their thanks again.


You never disappoint! yayuhh


sorry bro :stuck_out_tongue:


lol all good I just thought it was funny hard to resist dat savaii work.


wow thats amazing, I didnt even think of something like that ha, thanks!


Thanks! And curse your sig, jack. I read it wrong every friggin time!!! LOL


LOL, which reminds me, sorry I forgot i need to put you in my sig for credit!