The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!

could i get this re sized for max size non prem and just have the M1tchapalooza part


I could resize that one but it won’t look so great cause it will get stretched. Instead I think I will try to recreate it with some higher res pics. I remember making that one but unfortunately the OG file must have been on my first HDD that crashed. :frowning:


ok thanks man



^Link since img tags arent working for me atm


thanks a lot man!


hey i get all my avs here guys so thanks a bunch.

Can I get an av of about 2:36 - around 2:40 or (it doesn’t need to be all of it, just loop properly)


Just the part where she’s talkin. I’m about to go premie again in a few minutes so hopefully that’ll help with limitations.


Here’s a attempt:


that’s great


You still open for business? Can’t tell.

If so you mind making me a new one right quick, think my Premo might run out soon so parting Avatar would be cool.

Most badass Belmont ever, usual AYO?! tag and whatever sweet stuff you can apply, keeping a common color motif. Sank you sir.



Thank you very much, the blood effect is a nice touch. =D


Hey Savaii I was wondering if you could make a premium av of this w/ Viciou$ somewhere


I want an avatar of Dante (UMvC3), NESTS Kyo (KoF XIII), and Valentine (Skullgirls). Use whatever images you think looks cool. Just make a cool avatar and be creative.


Need avatar with custom color and background. Nothing to specific just work your magic. 150 to 150 pixels or 150kb. Name in pic (if any) “Noctisluna”


Oh I’ve got some work to do. Check this space in a day or so…ideally. :smiley:


also put Viewtiful Noel on my avatar as that’s my tag on PSN


Yo savaii, what can you do with this?

Premium size (146kb i think?) and have “EB” somewhere on there. Thanks ^^



Thanks. This is to be used on another site. You think you make the same but 200 x 200 as well? sorry to bother.


Can do. Be sure to take the img out of your quote. BIGWORM still around.