The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


Thanks savaii!


hmm not the part i expected you to use but its still awesome. Thanks Savaii :smiley:

Any chance you can add some sort of border/frame on it? if its too much trouble then dont bother this is good ^^


Sure. Which part do you want, exactly? Also, frame color or style preference is welcome too.


hmm, i guess the part with this,and either the bit before or after it :smiley:
Color go with purple i guess and Whatever style you think looks best.


Savaii, can you turn this into an AV:

Just add your usual magic if you can, its greatly appreciated.



Hm seems I’ve deleted the old PSD. So I had to remake it.

or Still=


Thanks for the av savaii, looks awesome :smiley:


Oh lemme make an adjustment to yours, the border needs to be moved like a pixel, left. brb

and np!


EB, try re-upping your avatar. Its not animating because the size was not 192x192. I’ve fixed it now. (SRK avatars animate only @ 92x92 or 192x192)



Good stuff savaii, you never disappoint.


Hey Savaii! Could I grab a Jaycee avatar? Something to help build my TTT2 hype.

Something using this pic.


Thank you for the av Savaii, looks godlike.


I’m Late! :confused:


I’m a patient guy so no sweat! It looks awesome!


this thread’s gone a while without an update. Here’s hoping someone sees this


at about 00:23 secs into this vid, Pyron can be seen with the earth shaking and decending off the panel. Is there anyway I can get a black bar over the existing text with the phrase “SUCK MY DICK, EARF!!” on it. The only requests I have is that the font not be too gaudy; a simple yellow or white will do. That and of course cut out the next scene with the U.S. guys going crazy.

This is eccentric and retarded as usual. Hopefully not a problem, tho.


Savaii continuing the awesomeness in here I see. I might have to get a new one soon.

Something…not Premo sized.

Dun dun duh!


YO GUESS WHO IT IS???!! who wants an ava?


Hoho! TAC Tetsu! Will this be an infinite combo!?