The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


haha sure wont. im patchin it, not enough time


@ RaishinX
Pardon me while I go have a shower… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll most likely slow it down later on, if needed.


If you can, that’d be great. But I’ll still use that one.

Thanks a bunch.


I’ve re-upped it. Check the spoiler again, RaishinX.


omg savaii you are still making avatars? This is madness.

who am I kidding? I came in here to see what you can do with this


btw, LBC said he’s getting back into photoshop or something like that on facebook. I don’t think he’s coming back here though >.>


Cool. Would be nice to see the likes of LBC, Sas and TFR around some more. Maybe one day lol.



thx buddy!


can i get a non prem max size avatar of PainWheel/Cerebella/Double (in that order) and have “mitchapalooza” somewhere on it


Savaii buddy I have returned for some help.

Would like that, non-Premo sized (Gasp!) and some specifics.

If you can make the Green Venom and Red Eye streaks bright (Like a neonized coloring or something? A shine to make it standout but still look clean) I would appreciate that. AYO?! tag in the right corner since there is clear space there, Something that matches the style and look of the image so it blends well. Maybe a green border if possible?

Let me know if you could do that for me, I very much appreciate you taking the time nonetheless.



Kinda skimmed through this thread. Is everybody really gone? Are you the only one left, Savaii? I really thought SRK would have a new generation of avatar artists.

This makes me a sad panda.


Always good to see you postin’, TFR. Lately I’ve been sailing solo. Without captain, without shipmates for a time. Far as I know peeps are on to bigger and better things. Haven’t seen any up and comers in regards to AV makers aye…:bluu:

@Mitch and AYO?!: I see you. :smiley: I’ll get 'er done. :slight_smile:


I don’t have a request, just wanted to let you know that your avatars are awesome.



Duuuuude that is pretty wicked! Tiny but price I pay for teh non-premos…not that it matters much honestly. Thank you very much sir!


Hey Savaii, are you still taking av requests?

You did some awesome pre-launch MvC3 Wesker ones for me in the past, so I couldn’t resist coming back :wink:


Yep, request away.


Cool :slight_smile:

Could a make an av using this

Having Wesker and the right cryo tube, but replace Jean with Sigma here if possible?

Maybe some bubble or light effects if possible.

If that’s too much of a hassle.
Take the Sigma pic and just resize it to av standards and add some liquid or bubble effects/animations.

Thanks in advance!