The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


woooot thanks dude that looks super cool!


Not sure which part you want. Its a bit lengthy and the size requirement for SRK (regular members) is 50kb, dimensions 200x200 max. To animate properly an av apparently needs to be 92x92 or 192x192.


I just want the center if it’s possible. Would that work? I can’t resize on Irfanview and Photoshop is trying to phone home so that isn’t working.


I’m guessing it’s not happening. Do not disappoint.


FUCK! I just noticed it’s not the right picture I linked you to. Sorry. It’s supposed to be


Oh I see you’ve already got it. All good then.


Just seen this, thanks man!


Hey savaii, could I get a 167 x 52 animated av w/ Lei and Julia and w/ DYNA$TY somewhere on the av?


You still alive Savaii? I miss you.


Yep still kickin. I’ve been away from SRK for a while. Seems I missed a request and need to catch up. What can I do for one of my regulars? :smiley:


savaii still makin avatars? jeebus! Maybe I should request something :wonder:


Aw snap…



lol sav still holding down the fort! mad props bro, all the skilled av makers left us :sad:

aight sav anything you can do with this? it’s already resized, but a background change would be nice. Preferably animated, but don’t stress yourself. Name doesn’t need to be on it. Oh yeah, seems like another person requested something you never got around to. I’ll proudly wait in line if possible.






I didn’t see this thread when I made my request one, so I will try here.
I don’t want my name in it or anything, that would be torture of the highest degree to an editor. Im not a premium member so whatever size constraint that limits you to is fine for my AV. I just want these two gals in the same thing. Maybe add a nice background effect if there is even room for it or if you feel flashy.


Thanks in advance!


Thank you very much Savaii!



good lookin’ out sav, excellent work as always


sorry to ask suddenly again sav but what can you work with this karin pic? Played some A2/A3 now I’m hooked a little bit, trying to do everything before I head back to school.




Hello I was wondering if I could make a request. I just want it to say Cheeseburger on the bottom and have Nova saying “I like dubstep”