The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


You still in business Savaii?


Busier than before, but still here. Started from the bottom…and still there! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’ll req something from you so I don’t bug Aria with my avy reqs. Lemme grab a pic…

Try this


Cool, that means Aria is still around?




Thanks for being patient. Wish I could make animated avs work on here.


Say i havent had an av in forever can i get one of luffy?


Yep. Do you have a working link to the pic you want, or shall I choose for you?


Sorry bout that i thought the link worked :(. Um sure choose one for me :slight_smile: Thank you


monkeyspank wow that’s name I haven’t seen in a while. Didn’t you do tags for a while?


btw sav, you still do avs or did you finally retire :lol:


haha yep i did for a couple years, when i get back home im goina start up an avatar thread :slight_smile:


Now just back the train up! This just clicked in my head after reading Eren’s post! My bad leaving this for ages, I swear I’ll get back onto it…especially for the guy who has made heaps of bad ass avs :smiley: I remember you.

Yeah I still try to pop in once in a long while :smiley: Old habits die…very slowly?

MS: Looking forward to your AV thread :smiley:


Ive been fiending for some photoshop lol, I think ive made you a few Savaii lol I usted to have every avatar, tag, stick artwork thing ive made but my computer died. I got a few online tho lol. Aw well I cant wait to be back, and whenever you got time bro is good. Im in no rush :slight_smile:


Cool beans.


This rules! Thank you so much!


yeah bro I remember we had some amazing taggers here back in the day, place was flooded with talent. I would hang around IM for hours on lol, but now it’s kinda quiet :confused:

sav I have request if you’re interested, what can you do with this? If possible, I’d like Ephidel on it. No rush as always. I’m outti.


Yeah miss the good old days when IMM was the place be (it still is, but many people aren’t active aye).


looks great, thx a lot bro.


You still in business bro?