The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


Can see what I can do


Oh mang, is you back…sorta? Lol.

Well if you are mind making me a few? I would like some to sit on a rotate out encase you decide to take a trip to parts unknown again.

Basically head crops here, and fancy glow effects on the X visor if possible. Complete with matching border and AYO?! in the corner.

This one is probably impossible but hey, why not ask. Curious if you could Photo-fu the first two boxes on the right to be “A” and “Y”, then the last one with the G and O’s just make all O’s (So change the first letter and stuffs) to have Oldseph yelling that. I can dream big :3

Finding a good Joker pic for an avatar not usually seen is rather difficult, purple border and dat name please.

Or just do one, like Cyclops and I’d be happy. But it’s easier to put it all here for later than individually saving them, forgetting what I had them for, and deleting lol.


Yo! Been a while haha! I’m gonna get on this…soon


You still around Savaii?


This thread still alive eh?



Yeah still around. Feel free to request…and I’ll get to it after I get my rear in gear and actually do AYO’s requests (sorry, AYO!).


Finally stopped being lazy…:stuck_out_tongue:


hey @savaii64 can you help a brother out?

This one is probably gonna be really easy but I just dont know how to photoshop. Nor do i own the program
just take the helmet from

and put it over Juri’s head

Maybe color edit the helmet if you really want to, to be purple and shit like juri. That one is just extra though. Im gonna use the av for the upcoming SRK Arena game. Thanks ahead of time


Sweet! Watch this space (not for too long…hopefully!)


The Arena game I wanted to use that av for is now moving into the second phase. Hopefully i dont die tonight lol. I’ll still wear the av for 30 days though per the OP rules.


After a two year hiatus from SRK I’m back and need a new avatar to get back in it so I’m glad savaii’s thread is still happening! Need to rock a character from a favorite game so could I ask that you whip up something with this Bishamon image? Fit the name Doc in there somewhere.


I appreciate you stickin to the rules!

Link to small version
Kept is simple. Hope its OK.

Welcome back!


Looks sick!


Savaii it’s been a while. I was wondering if you could make this into my new AV. Just do your usual magic. Thanks


Savaii still the man and my homie, good to see him cranking these babies out lol.

Need to body him in SFIV sometime though :rofl:



Hahah! I think I’d sooner have had you carry me in LoL (but I’m OCE :P) but hey there will come a time someday when I am un-forbidden from playing games (protip: don’t play so much that you end up getting an ultimatum :P). Someday. One Day.



wats good sav? still doing you’re thing–respect. Keep at it.

lbc is back on fb :lol:



Eph! #slowpoke yep still around although this thread is might quiet. Not much demand for custom AVs since…well…you know! You should add me on fb too. Savaii64 Just let me know who you are aye xD in case I don’t recognize ‘real names’ :smiley: same goes for LBC, if he’s still in contact.



Why doesn’t anyone request anymore?