The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!


*They don’t know the thread exists
*Animated AVs don’t work with New SRK (my personal favorite theory)
*I haven’t seen many of the older AV makers around in a year or two

I don’t mind making AVs still, its fun. So for any and all: request away!


Thanks for the info. I used to mod this place back when it was busy as hell. Now it’s so dead


Yep. I remember you had some kick ass AVs too. Farrrrrk. reminisces


Wow, I am late to this party. Still around for requests? Thanks


Ask awayyyyyyy


Hey savaii, thanks for the reply. Sorry if i’m late as I had no idea anybody would reply back. I only want an Elena avatar with my name anywhere. However your style man. Thanks!


Oh shit my bad bro I totally forgot to recheck here, I’m just off and on now thanks to work and school lol

Anyway I made a new account so I’ll try to hit you up! I don’t see LBC on much now but I’ll try to let him know

Take care bud, keep at it. Peace


Sorry for the major delays!


You still going at it buddy? Respect.

Came to change this one finally with one of the few you made for me a while back.


Thanks a lot Savaii! Awesome pic,


I see savaii is still running things around here…tips hatsails off into the night


Just doing a quick check-in!

How’s things going, everyone? Lemme know if you’ve got any requests!


Holy shit! He lives!

You got some time for me dude?


Oh dood. My bad my bad. Not sure why I was never notified or never came back to check sooner!!

Can make something anytime.


It’s father’s day, this sunday in NZ.



Hpe everyone is having a great 2017 so far! Can’t believe it’s already Feb.


Same, time moves to fast when I get old and realistic. Need more whimsy to slow this shit down.


Sup!!! It’s been ages.

IKR! Keep on keepin’ on, yo.


Hope everyone had a great april fool’s day lol

I only had one “water-breaking” prank this year. Phew.


Hey yo!

Hope everyone’s having a great day so far.

Can’t believe it’s 2018. I’m liking this new forum style. I think it’s pretty clean.

Gonna look into animated avatars and see if they work.