The Good But Generally Bad Police Thread

Never been checked and like most people they believe “it won’t happen to me”.

Again and again…

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How many officers are needed to take down a news reporter and the First Amendment?

FIA are investigating Lewis Hamilton for possible breach of policy for wearing this t-shirt

I have to give Lewis a lot props he has been using his platform to help End Racism movements, a lot of the times he as been the sole voice in F1 and has received a lot of hate for it.

If you watch the video that is lower down on the page, at like 2:24 you see one cop is about to put his knee on the back of the dude around his neck and the other cop pushes him away. At least he had some sense to do that.

Hope the money doesn’t equal silence…


You know it does.


I hope silence isn’t a part of the settlement.


Why else would you “settle” it.


yup, so no jail time and they’re going to accept taxpayers money and stay quiet

FIA didn’t investigate after all, not sure how that rumour started but they are going to clarify things in their policies

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