The Good But Generally Bad Police Thread

Sweet corrupt police tears :joy:

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New low for being a leo

Bad piggies :-1:

Asshole was fired but still worth a post

Weird ass vibes today at work then I come home and see this shit

Fuck this little asshole into oblivion.

Its weird vibes for someone to make bail in a country that posts bails?

The dad of one of the people he murdered arguing against this since you have terrorists donating for his bail. Dude shouldn’t have even had bail, considering he drove to a different state to illegally obtain a weapon to intimidate people at a protest for police accountaibility.

If his skin was darker he would’ve been dead. If not dead, no bail. 'Murikkka doing what it does best. :-1:

Well he shouldn’t be shot whether white or black, and he should qualify for bail whether white of black. Doesn’t really matter where the money comes from to the court, just that bail was made. As for the illegality of the issue Im pretty sure thats all still up for debate, but haven’t been following it. Last time i looked into this is seemed very grey. There seemed to be some pretty obvious self protection issues since people where trying to shoot him, we have video of that. We dont know how the shooting started, or whether the gun was illigaly obtained or not.

Last time i looked. Maybe something changed?

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Self protection is not showing up to a protest with gun in an attempt to counter-protest. There were no gray areas on this. He wasn’t even supposed to have it, let alone drive to another state to grab one.

Rittenhouse stands accused of shooting the protesters. Since his lawyer has said that Rittenhouse obtained the assault-style rifle from a friend in Wisconsin (meaning that he didn’t transport it with him from Illinois), we’re going to focus on the second half of the claim — that it was “perfectly legal” for the teenager to carry a firearm in Kenosha.

Is that true? State laws suggest not.

In Illinois, concealed carry applicants must be at least 21 years old. Since Rittenhouse is 17, he would not qualify for a permit. In Wisconsin, it is legal for adults to carry firearms in public without a license if the gun is visible. However, to open carry, you must be at least 18 years old.

People are getting maced in the face, beaten and intimidated for wanting the police to be held accountable. This bootlicker did nothing legal in any of this.

No, but having a hand gun pointed at your head is.

That is for the court to decide, not you.

Thanks for the links tho. Interesting read.

Link to the video?

Everyone that doesn’t have their head up their ass know. Keep yourself buried :man_shrugging:

I’ll have to look when I have more time. I’ll try and find it later.

Ok. Whatever.

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This is along the same lines of “SOCIALISM IS BAD” when talking about medicare are anything else where money would be allocated to people in need, but instead goes to the people demonizing it.

Of course…