The Good But Generally Bad Police Thread


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Good news: OSHP trooper provides compassion, empathy to children after high speed chase

Bad News:

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Terrible :frowning:

Yep…he was murdered.

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This is awesome

Never call the police if you have family members freaking out

They came in and killed the dude having an anxiety attack by suffocating him same as george floyd. Except they entered a home and did this.

Seriously the mom says she trusted the police to not hurt her son.

Let it be known while there are racist police who want to hurt colored people. Police in general have been violent people looking for an excuse.

At what point does it seem right to drive your knee into the neck of anybody

that police “didn’t use physical force like a taser, pepper spray, baton, or strikes to [Quinto’s] body,” and that “the officers had already called for an ambulance to place Quinto in a mental health hold when he began experiencing a medical emergency.”

They applied force once hands were placed on the victim.

Again i want to have police trained suffering with a knee on their necks cuffed up.

My heart aches for this family

I hope these officers get named

Why do this in front of his family. Why even go to that length

They smashed his face into the floor and drove a knee into the back of his head.

Then they rub his chest and cut bait

Not once did they attempt to talk to him


Seattle police union president addresses controversial tweet on U.S. Capitol riot (

However, a widely held interpretation of that tweet is that Solan linked the BLM movement to the insurrection, and calls for his resignation mounted. The guild president said he only wanted to highlight the challenges for police.


The Office of Police Accountability is investigating Solan’s tweet. The six Seattle police officers who were at the U.S. Capitol are also under OPA review, and have since taken legal action to keep their names from being publicly released.

Hope this falls flat.

“The reality is I compared it to police being caught in the middle between two factions vying for political control,” Solan said.


I’m expecting ambush calls to start making a comeback and on a wider scale, since the Police continue to eat shit.