The Good But Generally Bad Police Thread


The officer wasn’t even detained or arrested after the shooting. The police department put her on administrative leave pending the investigation instead of detaining her. She was basically let go and put on paid leave despite being a threat to the general public. dafuq


At this point in time, why is anyone in the world surprised that American cops get away with murder?


Complexion for protection… I’m not surprised. Administrative leave… typical move the police protect their own. What about drug or alcohol tests??


First the officer says the door was locked. Now the officer is saying the door was “ajar.”

The off duty officer also said the neighbor ignored/resisted her commands and that’s why she shot and killed him…and then she turned on the lights to find out she was in the wrong apartment.

BS. But the union will do whatever they can to protect their own. It’s the officer’s word and story against someone who’s dead. The guy was innocent. This is straight up murder. Her intent was to kill. She shot the neighbor while off duty with the intent to kill and ask questions later.

Also notice that the officer was allowed and directed to surrender in a different county and not the one where she shot and killed the victim. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I hope the DA aims for more serious punishment for this officer.


More to this story…


Now the local police are trying to smear Botham Jean by saying they found marijuana in his apartment…

…a few days after finally receiving a search warrant.


They are really reaching…


I just want to know who this cop is related to or has ties to… a cop who is this dead to rights, they usually throw under the bus. Is she the grand wizards daughter or niece or something???


Come on now…


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At 5:28 of this video is when the officer jumped out of his car and began shooting at Laquan McDonald 16 times. The officer claimed that Laquan McDonald was walking towards him while swinging a knife but dashcam footage showed that didn’t happen:

Three other officers are awaiitng trial on attemping to cover up the killing and obscure the investigation:



Next thing you know, Ohio will have an article extolling the virtues of a cop not joining a lynch mob because he’s fire conscious and the burning cross was a clear and present lawn hazard.


Finally the footage comes out…


The police chief lied that the two officers being charged had no previous history of misconduct


“Everybody was screaming out ‘security, he was a security guard’”, Mr Harris added, “and they still did their job and saw a black man with a gun and basically killed him”.



So fucking…stupid.


I wonder if these officers will be held accountable for their actions?

I have a feeling the union will do their part in saying the officers “followed” all protocols and their training and that they shouldn’t be punished at all. Besides, the security guard isn’t one of their own so the union probably won’t give a fuck about what happened as long as their own is protected.

The “good guy with the gun” didn’t matter to these officers. They just got in there and killed him.


Stupid isn’t the half of it.

Evil is what it is.

Call it what it is.

It’s State Sanctioned murder.