The Good But Generally Bad Police Thread


To quote the opening line from Amy Winehouse’s song Me and Mr. Jones;

“What kind of fuckery is this?!?!?!”

The only surprise to be had, is that my rage can grow further.

Like…it’s one thing if it’s a single officer shooting an innocent black person. Yeah. It’s still absolutely rage inducing but this was a fucking public execution by a fucking fire squad. I seriously doubt all six officers were “scared for their lives” when they saw a black man sleeping in a parking lot. They opened fire on him without any hesitation.

This is just…ugh. Iunno man. I can’t explain how angry it makes me

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Makes me mad too and I don’t even live in that shitty country.

Just read more of the story… This dude was sleeping in his car with a handgun on his lap? Then when the cops were waking him up, he seemed like he was going for it?

hahahaha Fuck… America’s gun fetish continues. People sleeping in their cars with guns in their lap, trigger happy cops waiting for a reason to turn a black man into swiss cheese.



This to infinite levels. There is no way that six men with guns that roll up on one man with a single weapon while sleeping fear for their lives. Who did they think he was, John Wick.

Oh well…

American cops getting their just desserts? Color me surprised.

I’m not a fan of people getting harmed, but if you do dirt, you get dirt.


…of course they walk.

The police union probably played a big part to make sure the DA won’t file charges.

Goddamn that is sad.

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Your morning feel good story -

I honestly thought she would be dead on the spot…but good on her to remind them of her rights.

Kevin needs to STFU.

…of course.

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Paying for his cowardice…


This is the kind of accountability that is warranted from law enforcement.

The local PD where I am is doing a Face to Face program where they meet with the community to talk about the a study done by a research firm to look at if there is over representation of a certain demographic. I went to the first meeting. It’s a great program, but to be honest I felt like the research didn’t really say anything as it just went into the traffic stop itself. The decision to cite and the demographic of the officer were two factors that were just left out.

The other thing that was disheartening about it is that the agency had about 75 officers in attendance, but only about 15 people from the community actually showed up.

I am all for police accountability. However, it takes both sides to be interested in the issue to make things better than where they are now. Hashtag activism isn’t going to cut it.