The Good But Mostly Bad Police Thread


Could be one of those freak accidents a la Plaxico Burress when his sweatpants gun went off and damn near killed him. If it happened this way “in the head” could mean in some fluke angle from a concealed gun they failed to find to the head.

Or maybe it didn’t happen this way. Find out as it develops.


I am sure the kid was upright and a good kid who “fell into bad habits”

I assume he wasn’t patted down and the gun fired at an odd angle. Which happens


Police arrest nurse for doing her job correctly


Yeah fuck that cop. I hope that Nurse sues him and the police dept



You can find the video of the nurse arrest here Even police in the comment section are lighting the officer up. Hospital administration can even be heard over the phone informing him that he is making a mistake.


Yeah it could have been Travolta, too. Can’t trust Scientologists with your life.


Um…going from just being a decent person, not being a wannabe roughneck thug nigga to robbing places is one FUCK of a fall, dude. Nobody upright just starts robbing and carrying.


The tone of that was :expressionless:

As in “suuuuure”


Holy shit @ the replies


Well at least he has woken up to one of the truths. Yes America is not for you its very laws and systems are made work against you. He got his ‘ni@@er wake-up call’. its a shame alot of our people have stockholm syndrome…


Those replies is why the US is on a spiral to shit.


The one dude who told him to charter a boat back to Africa with his payout, the dudes twitter page looked like some bullshit from Angelpalms imagination holy shit.


Link to that? :rofl:


Yes, I’m sure Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin felt just as he did when they were rushing down cops or pounding someone’s head against the pavement.



Wow, the fuck am I reading?


White America…


White racism is the worst right now because of how emboldened they are

To the point where we see puerto ricans and mexicans stan for white pride with names like juan hernandez or guillermo martinez


Yep some Puerto ricans and mexicans are confused… they actually identify as white lol. They need to read some history books.