The Good But Mostly Bad Police Thread


We FINALLY got a whistleblower police officer (officer Denny Santiago) here in Honolulu, Hawaii. This officer is part of the police union and filed a complaint against someone within the union. The union president has decided to side with the officer in question and not the whistleblowing officer. :wtf:

I hope the media does extensive investigations in regards to the complaint and helps crack down on the corruption happening with the police department.

The police commission is currently in the process of hiring a new police chief. Right now is probably the right time for someone to blow the whistle and bring light to some fucked up shit happening within the department and hope the commission chooses the right and clean person for the job.


SHOPO = The State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (union)

This is the police officer union’s website:




Donut slays that video lmao


Hahahaha, he was former SWAT apparently.


I knew he was a cop but damn the thought of this dweeb being swat is both frightening and strangely enough, believable because Americans are stupid af.


No less frightening than the average bobby, IMO.


More cop bullshit…



He can sue for rape right there honestly


When the dude turns around mad like “let me do you…” fuckin lost it.



…no words.


I’d rather see the entire video to see the full context of what he’s talking about. I’m not about to trust a take from Talcum X on anything.


So…overly paranoid someone calls cops on a black dude who… stole his own car. Doesn’t make sense, right? Read on.

Washington Post link.

The Post link is a longer read, but a bit more detailed…


…a shame.


I see no problem with it. Not the first expunging to occur after an acquittal. Just means most potential employers can’t know about it. I say most because the article says that govt. and law enforcement could still acquire info on the case if she applied with them. Would be relevant to those fields.


Not really a shame, it was a good shoot. He was high on PCP, as suspected first by Shelby’s training, and then confirmed by the autopsy.

He was ordered not to reach into his car. He kept reaching, then tased first, then shot.

Unrelated - angry white man killed after beating cops with their own baton: