The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Art


Did this awhile back, figure I’d share it with this forum. Its been up on deviantart for forever.

Note: I don’t accept “criticism” or “advice.” I pride myself on my style. Thanks. :bgrin:


I really like the one you did of Tuco

And it is a great fucking movie, I watch it whenever it’s on AMC


I always thought it looked a little too much like Wolverine instead of Eli Wallach. haha

Yeah I’ve got the extended cut version on dvd but it barely gets watched because my friends don’t like sitting through long films.


I’d rather sit through a great lengthy film than the shit they make nowadays.


I like the style alot. Great stuff. If you don’t mind my asking, where did you learn? I’m an aspiring artist myself.


Best advice I can offer is to just draw. Thats where I learned from I guess? I dabble just a little in too many areas instead of leaving my focus on one though.
I’m sure if I didn’t mess around with painting and sculpture, and playing video games way too much, I’d probably be better at drawing than I am.




Thanks SNK. Much abliged.


wow nicely done