The Goon movie poster teaser




Hopefully it’ll be animated or at least claymation!


This is one of my top 5 favorite series of all-time!

When I met Eric Powell at Comic-Con 2004, I asked him to sign my Goon comics and he was more than happy to oblige my request. When I opened up my backpack and revealed that I owned every issue of the series, he responded with an enthusiastic,“Wow, you own all of my shit!”:rofl:

He then gave me a free Goon toy and signed the packaging for me! He was one of the nicest creators I’ve ever met, next to Scott Morse, Robert Kirkman, Grant Morrison, and Lee Bermejo.


I just don’t want Peaches Valentine in this movie…
BTW I feel like sending Powell a fan-mail, does anyone know what e-mail I should write to?



Get hyppppe!!



Thanks for the images, but I hope a trailer gets released soon :smiley:
EDIT: Those images made me come oceans.