The Goonies II - Corey Feldman Gets To Eat People Food Again



I like how the comments in that article quickly turned into a discussion on racism.

Oh, and I think it’s funny that Mikey got fat and Chunk got skinny.


bring on the Mikey Shuffle.

Can’t wait to see 80 year old Sloth


Neither of those women, look like women. Would smash, Sovi3t?


That game sucked.


You said it. When are they going to learn these video game movies aren’t worthwhile?


heard corey feldman doesnt want in. like nigga…what are you doing that you dont want to get paid?


He has leftover Corey Haim in the fridge.

His version of “People Food” is pretty fucked up.


Astoria has been untouched by history; everything looks exactly the same as it was in the 80’s. So they should have no problem filming the sequel.


I want to be mad at this, but I just can’t. It’s the fucking Goonies, man. :tup:


Then we find out that the only director in Hollywood that would take this is Michael Bay, because hey, why not fuck everyone’s childhood until it bleeds?


Michael Bay is gonna blow up the pirate ship. Fuck it, I would watch it if he made that happen. :rofl:


Donner needs to be making movies more often at any rate, id settle for another Lethal Weapon but Goonies 2 cannot go wrong


Jesus I just now realized that josh brolin was a goonie…


I remember the nes game somehow transformed Annie into a mermaid. I’d bet that something worse will be used as a plot point in this sequel.


lol he came out and was like “yeah if the scripts good, I’d be in”. Then like 20 mins later was saying “umm i mean the script will be great, and yeah I’m doing it”.

Dat Spielberg.


Sloth is dead bro, so is Ma Fatelli sadly.


Sloth lives on in Brock Lesnar



How has no one pointed out that that is the wrong actor for Data?