The Gouken rap battle thread

2nd edit: Shit already happened, nothing to see here

heres something else you wont believe …

you may not believe it but I also bust rhymes…
guess its crunch time dufus
its true yous the bitch clueless as to how close the fuckin truth is,

My intellect is true as dawn…

for you its doom as the path I’ve drawn…
try droppin 1 bar if you think im wrong…
Fear hath spawned as you play mere fawn…wet with mucus possessing a fool’s wit
clamoring to survive…
Overhead the all seeing I
soon to consume your flesh before your very eyes…
if you could spit worth 2 shits I’d eat you a-fucking-live

Immortal?? …
When your scared to live yet afraid to die?

'll take popcorn for $500 Alex;

quez256 said: ?


Ill mob on swarms as the audience masticates popcorn,
my raw form is beyond norms , in a sense a style beyond scorn ,
youre stuck in frustration thread with youre mind on porn!!!!
youve already conformed like those whose skills went out the door,

"HELP...!" ..hes fallen overboard .!!!!and its miles back to shore........

attempts to defile Ansatsukens holy shrine ,
he who holds the key is he who controls the mind,
what shall superceed me is only known by the devine,
I'll fuck you up...
a-gen and a-gen time after time....
settin up gambits to get you to bite,
suprised after the hard-knock,
triangulated by TAKE FLIGHT...

so go kick it with the Queer-er batch ,
youre fates been cast bitch ,
you couldnt see me in a mirror match... 
MY gOUKEN IN 2012 ????





Quez change the title of this thread, I didn’t mean to start a new thread for q and a I meant start a thread so they could continue the above :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, this forum is ridiculous, but I love it

Updated, flame on guys

whoops, just took care of it

Wat the fucks going on

Takin and some other dude decided to have some sort of rap battle or something in the ask a question get an answer thread for new Goukens, I asked them to stop it and move it to a new thread since that thread is one of the useful ones for people.

This is the result.

Would be even better if the thread title was something like Thread on fire/flames or something. This way we could move all the shit talking here once it starts.

A Gorilla patch. Fool you need an icy hot patch.
Hold out a coin in your hand, instantly get snatched
I’m here with the quickness of a lp palm strike
you’re an amateur. Put down the mic.

I’m a legendary assassin the one with most skills
One thousand battles and I still haven’t been killed
You think you’re ill. I have leukemia.
Dim mak, the death touch will be the end of ya.

I’ll space you out with forward, piano, to hands
you wish you could possess the execution of this man
Get into footsies range and you’re done
All you can do is fish for back throw to ultra one.

See me on the battle field, your strategy is to flee
Lit on fire, fool, gettin burned to the third degree
After getting perfected twice, bow down to me
You cannot dodge what you cannot see.

Foolish whelp.

I might be foolish,
Youre not hard to see ,
indeed I could snipe you from any vantage point…
Your rap facade’s straight free ,
hopes collapse as you understand my point…
youre no ominous emcee
without this thread youd still be closing your eyes pretending youre me

I know how you hate it
these arent just some loud statements
your newly salted wounds soon to leave a foul fragrance
you lack context and cadence adrift in self assured overcomplacence

…Youre raps some mundane shit, Im making that my mission statement

of course metaphorically speaking , im categorically beasting , infinite freestyles are here for the teaching…

so please take note,weve made a
Victory Declaration without taking a damn vote
Realize im still not fully unleashing the :
quote unquote "demons steady slashing feasting feeding upon the souls of weaklings"
instead ill keep this easy so as not to impede things …

,im way beyond your level mightier than your god more sinister than your devil

You still wont fade away, even after my standard 16 bars
Impressive, but its clear whos winning thus far

I’m many paces ahead of you, in a higher dimension
your temporal displacement malfunction makes quantum indeterminacy your main reliability
metaphorically and realistically you cannot challenge me. My verbatim and lyrical ability
leaves your analysis and fallacies weak like diabetes.

Stop throwing rocks at the throne, leave it alone.
Get your hand severed at the wrist like attack of the clones
Full of cowardice like dropping bombs with unmanned drones
What are your piddling rhymes going to do against my masterful poems?
Nothing. Its a physical impossibility that you even dream of challenging me
Thus the fact that you keep coming shows some mental instability
You’re talking to one who can perform subatomic fission with his tongue
Spit rhymes from my mouth that burn brighter than the sun
Combustion in the barrel launching projectiles like a gun
Everybody knows I’m the illest, you waste of time, I’d rather eat chow fun
than battle with you. you’re NOT ON MY LEVEL, stop lying to yourself too.

You dont want to impede things, not letting out
"demons steady slashing feasting feeding upon the souls of weaklings"
I’m going to keep it civil, like the war with the south
dreaming prophetic dreams with lucidity searching out true meaning
Waking consciousness gives way to meditative trance
Becoming a receiver of knowledge far to advanced
for some one like you to even understand
one dose of me is lethal at less than one milligram

Taste a bit of my true might
Lose all will to fight
You beating me, hmmm maybe it can happen
Just like 9/11 wasnt a hoax right? right…

Hello here.

I’m new to Gouken, I watched the video which explains fundamentals Safe-jumps on 4F reversals. But I have a problem.

Sometimes it works, sometimes I got hit. Can someone tell me the precise moment to press the Kick button on the Demon flip after the sweep ? Do I do it to early ? To late ?


What in the world is all this?

Gouken don’t rap.

edit: EX ::facepalm::

::ex palm to hp palm::

LOL. get’em takin