The Gouken rap battle thread



It’s a tight window on some and more lenient on others,
you have to go in training mode and practice more my brother!!

Plnk the Dive Kick after the sweep,
and I almost guarantee that shit will hit deep!!!

Rapping Gouken!!! LOL


lol good shit azndude108 but my true to life real-time inherent style has takin flight on that ass for this unexpected battle session.
If we need a recount I’ll post audio next lol!
As , when read at normal speed these posts accurately reflect my actual skill set verbatim as it were, additionally its clear you tried to dress her up a bit too much in the last post there.
Honestly tho much respect for not only being the only dude down to get dirty but to bring it to ssf4 context was coo. Good shit …! peace


<--------kicks a beat box


Why all the infractions and no red flag for post 13 or 15?? Getting a flag for that is kinda … zzzzz.
At any rate, I was laughing hard as hell looking at this thread.

Lets keep the infractions to a minimum :slight_smile:


orig was a call out to immortal for some reason, no response so azn jumps in , and ahs got some decentt stuff. I love freestlye spits


Little question.

What is Gouken able to juggle with regarding the Two-hits Jumping Medium Punch ? Exept Ultras ? I can’t get something to juggle after I get 2 hits.


neutral jump HP, direction jump HK or the 2nd hit of another directional jump MP

It depends on whether you can reach the floor and jump and attack in time for another attack before they reach the floor though.
Usually if your at the mid of your jump or later you can do one of those.
one of the first two are recommended.


Can we not ask questions/answer them in here, there is an Ask a question thread that is actually useful and the one that should be used.

The OP really shouldn’t have named the thread what he did, it’s really misleading. Kurt please use the correct thread so that the info is all in one place for people in the future. I responded to your last question and pointed you to that one via quote.


What is the point of this thread anyway?? Is this like the Gouken Troll Post or something??


Prokiller/Takin and that other dude were fucking up the newb question thread with their rap battle so I asked them to move it to another thread, which they did (thanks), but this thread is just poorly titled (not either of their faults).


ahhhh I see.


Reipin, originally I opened this thread on a misunderstanding of what you meant in the original Q&A; if anyone has any feedback, just let me know so I can get it changed, or just let it die, seeing how the “rap battle” already seems to have died at this point.

Edit: not to mention I already feel like an idiot for accidentially causing a distraction for the new Gouken users out there seriously looking for constructive feedback


You might as well change it to the Gouken Rap Thread Now!!!


call it the Gouken rap thread! lol that wayu when fools want to blow off steam or talk shit theyll move it here, per reipin ! i liked that idea


Damn Takin was getting infractions out the ass.


I didn’t know they gave infractions for being wack…


my text incarnation will still devour…


infractions for reposting someone elses stuff


infractions killed it. atleast give me some instead of giving takin like 3 wtf mods?



That was funny. :slight_smile: