The Grade Judge System

I’m ignorant on this front, and can’t seem to find anything on the net to give me clear indication on how to obtain the higher grades. Apparently the grade system has rewards that go well above ‘A’, which I admit I’ve only managed myself a couple of times. What exactly needs to be done to get the higher grades?

Combos, Parry into Combos, Parrying in general. The grading system seems to like to score higher the more offensive you are, even though parrying is a defensive mechanism… people use it to advance offensively. Also seems like the less blocking in general, the easier it is to get a high grade, but don’t think that accounts for anything.

I believe whiffing attacks / having your attacks blocked lowers your grade too, which is why it’s so easy to get MSF with Q on individual opponents.

many-hit combos will help too. whiffing supers decreases grade greatly

i thought this thread was about how judgement was determined

instead of making a new thread, i’ll just ask it here :smiley:

the only thing i seem to notice about judgement is that twelve always wins (4 out of 4 times i can remember)

i think a few more things are relevant;

  • stuns. i think the mroe you stun, the higher your offense rating. Denjin Ryu is A+ bait for his offense rating.
  • big combos. i get B+s vs CPU with SA2 Oro; i play the exact same way but with Tengu Stone 40-hitters and i’ll get an S.

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I’ll stay on the offensive and get that rus-downm on but still get a D

Anyone know what those flashing blue dots mean when you see your Final Judgement. They appear underneath certain character names but I’m not sure why exactly.

u beat that character with a Super Art

The flashing blue dots are SP points. You get them by getting a higher grade in one match than you did in the previous one. One of the requirements for fighting CPU Q is having at least two SP points before the eighth match.