The Graffiti thread

Post your graffiti in here.

I will start out with mine.

Tag : Ionik , but I recently changed to lice because ionik was lame.

Ive never done anything out in the open, Ive alwase been interested in graffiti but never really started doing it until recently.

here are some of my practices.



Heres what living in a white trash town gets you

punk asses.

and heres something I did recently for a rapper.

Ooh, actual “physical” graffiti. Before I entered the thread I thought the Fan Art regulars could collab and use pages such as this:

I played with that for like 20 minutes… Its pretty entertaining , I like drawing with other people.

haha where did that come from? did you make that cause its sweet.

a little sketch from my blackbook:

i’m thinking of coloring it digitally soon.

I like it , you should color it and update it when your done.

im bored.

Haha , I hope that isnt supposed to be something gross… oh boy Looks good though haha.

My photoshop skills aren’t very good, but here’s that piece colored. took about 15~20min to color and that might explain why it looks the way it looks.

Some old shit, from last year.

Top says Tess

Bottom says West
Done in pen, that’s why it’s so messy.