The grammy awards 2011


-christina went into beast mode…no fuck ups
-holy shit aretha is skinny…welll not really but hella skinny from what she was before.


LMAO no replies my dude? :rofl:

But yo… real rap. Who wants to kill lady gaga for me?


you noticed lady gaga is slowly becoming a demon…her first costume had horns on the shoulder…now she has horns on her face.


My honey Katy Perry was looking so DELICIOUS as usual. I’m sure the divorce from Russell will happen within the next couple of weeks (*already rumored to be in marriage counseling/therapy sessions! Oh I’m so surprised.)

That broad from NCIS with the black hair—yeah, I’d hit it immediately. She almost flashed some pussy when coming out to present an award.

Oh no…here comes Bob Fuckin Dylan. Goddamn this guy sucks. Yeah, you heard that blasphemy right. Yeah he may be a legendary writer, but in terms of singing…that dude is soooo GARBAGE.

*ah, ok…he changed it up for this song though…doesn’t sound as terrible as he normally does.

LEAH MICHELE!!! Soooooooo nice

oh hell yeah now there’s my baby Gwynny P.! I’ve always thought she was absolutely adorable.


forget you and forget her too~.


mmm katie perry. lookin good. wtf was up wit john mayer lookin like johnny depp in the tourist.


skylar grey can get it in any orface.


Ooh damn she (Jewel?) is sooooo naked under that incredibly thin, flimsy dress… I could’ve sworn I just saw some nips thru the material! John Legend should pretend to trip and pull her dress down in the process


lol bieber had the wtf salted face when he lost. drakes like w/e i got mo money than all ya’all.


I ate my words but Ezzy deserved that one.


The same way pre-pubescent girls hated Adele for beating the Jonas Bros. they will try to get at Espa.

Glee guy is tall. Show doesn’t do him justice.


oh lord my precious Ri-Ri. Her outfit just now… it was almost a No-Hand-Jack? nutbuster experience for me…and then she almost flashed the nips when taking a bow at the end…epic downblouse shot there…THEN they follow up immediately with J-lo in a short skirt! That’s a serious combo right there, and I need to lay down for a sec.


i agree with all of this. this girl is going insane wit her performances…she is shittin on all these slutty popstars.


Glad ms Spalding won best new artist.


Holy fuck Katy Perry was hot up on stage. Dat miniskirt.


Which I find humorous as she’s been around for some time now. Oh Grammy’s…


So an amazing jazz musician beat a bunch of talentless, dime-a-dozen hacks? At the Grammy Awards?

God, you really do exist.