The graphics engine had NOTHING to do with people getting bored of it?


Although this is SRK and we come here to discuss gameplay and strategy, I’m sorry but rehashing the SF4 graphics engine just made the game scream ‘lazy.’ People don’t realize how much the graphics and promotional / cover art affects the hype and overall feeling towards a game.

When I see Ryu and Ken’s SF4 models thrown in this, it feels like they just didn’t care. Or that they somehow envisioned SF4 to still be current, so in their money making schemes they could boost both games by making them look similar.

I would agree the bigger reason for the game’s mediocrity is the gameplay and glitches. I just think that reusing the SF4 models / visual style was lazy. I know they have reused sprites in some of their old 2D cross overs, but when they hype something this big, in today’s gaming world, you can’t do that and expect the game to feel fresh. I think many people are excited for Tekken x Street Fighter because they are curious of how the SF characters might look. And also a chance to play what we were expecting with this one. Nice gameplay + good presentation + fun.


I actually like sf4 graphics, what’s wrong with them?


holy crap…

1: this should be in General Discussion

2: this opinionated statement is really whatever man, NO other fighting game outside of Dimp’s SFIV series and this game has Facial Animation down like them. Tekken, Soul Calibur, you name it, it doesn’t have to same feel as SFIV’s visual Style.
Peep This bro, SFIV and SFxTK will look good 10-20 years from now because of the way it looks, like Cell shaded games they have a unique art direction which Ages well, Other 3D fighters or games in general that does the photo realism look old and will degrade as time passes because they are trying to reach a bar that is always moving. It’s not lazy creating those character models, and even if the SFIV cast models are slightly altered it doesn’t matter in the end because the characters themselves have changed very little in the past 25 years…hold that.


Lol at implying SSF4 isn’t current.


The way they reused the models is good from a business standpoint but it does feel lazy. They could have at least given them a polish, no? I like the style but the quality has room for improvement. But nonetheless that’s the kind of thing I inevitably end up looking past when everything else is good. Of course, now that it isn’t, we start looking at this other stuff.


The presentation in this game from the character models and backgrounds, down to the menus and other screens feels incredibly mediocre/cheap to me. Capcom really need to step their game up regarding everything that’s not actually ‘the game’ (which I happen to love).


We need some blooming effects. That’ll get people. It works in first person shooters every single year. lol


If they actually rehashed the graphics, I would’ve liked them.

Instead, they gave all character a run through Hakans oil and added SPARKLE and LIGHTNING and FLASHY SHIT and CINEMATIC NORMAL THROWS and whatever else the fuck which not only looks shit as fuck but also induces heavy causes of epilepsy.


Yet we don’t say shit for Soul Calibur Reusing character models, having bland menu screens or epileptic inducing weapon clashing effects?..ok. If your going to get on SF about you have to get on EVERYONE about it, you get no double standard.


Haha I don’t know about other people but I only complain about games I care about. Because I want it all to be good so badly that it disappoints all the more when it isn’t. But heck, I still enjoy this game for all its flaws. Still waiting on that pc patch. :wink:


even look closely at the “shading” on the character’s bodies, probably the worst i’ve seen on current gen systems


Game definitely is ugly.

Edit: But I love it anyway.


You guys are retarded. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT GRAPHICS!


Your the the one who’s looking rather stupid by calling Aesthetics…Graphics…yeah I went there.


Like the worst looking vidyagame in the last centoory.


Curious: How do you feel about Capcom’s visual style circa 1995 to early 2000s because if the same models being used between two games makes you upset, there’s something you should know about Capcom’s sprites back then.

Also, SFxT’s presentation is fine if not a bit too ambitious (streaming four models at the character select screen just slows it down). I can promise you making new models is not a requirement for each game. I’m surprised to hear this kind of complaint when I always felt how a fighting game looked was way besides the point.


That’s why I dont see CvS3 happening :frowning: It will look silly reusing the sfiv models once more and capcom knows it.


I like the graphics in this game more than I did when they used them in SFIV, but it could be because I enjoy acid trip colors.


For some reason Ryu looks less stupid in this game then in SF4 even though it’s the same model.

Ken still looks like a dope though.


The only thing I hate about the graphics is Ogre’s design. He reminds me of Seth, who in my opinion has the most boring design in the entire Street Fighter franchise.