The Great Battle 2007 - Chinese fighting game tournament?

Okay so who knows how to read Chinese?

Please someone tell me China is gonna fight Japan in KOF98. :sweat:

fuckin EPIC

I do.
they already fought, in last year’s May.
this year is the second TGB and four of the Japanese KOF champion are coming to China to challenge the KOF players, in May. top players from Korea, HongKong and Taiwan are also attending.

for now:
KOF '02 - individual battles & team battles
KOF '98 - individual battles & team battles
SF III 3rd - individual battles
Initial D Arcade Stage Ver 3. - individual battles

Awesome. Thanks for the translation!

wooooo, go homeland!

Here’s hoping to seeing more of Bash’s awesome '98 Terry.

japan has initial d and 3s on lock. for kof, its a pretty ambiguous tossup.

I hope the DVD comes out as I have never seen any DVD’s from China, video game tournaments wise

they won’t release the DVDs. you can download the footage on their Forum,
whichi is a pain in the @ss if you can’t read chinese…
this is why I am uploading all the TGB 2006 videos to youtube.

when will u be done?


If I could I’d rep ya Renvi, but all I can do is say thanks for the hook up.

damn that white guile had a nice run early on. Too bad the honda got lucky and ended his streak of doom:sad:

Why the fuck aren’t the chinese playing marvel? Marvel is in our blood!

actually, marvel is not big in China, at all!

From what I’ve seen in China, it’s pretty much all KoF. I was back this summer, and I saw 3 arcades. A third of the machines were KoF (I don’t play KoF, I don’t know what year), and the rest were some game where you hit things and move right.

Marvel isn’t big anywhere but here in America

Lol I thought Chinese had initial D on lock, after all, the fobs seem to play that shit hardcore LOL.

If the japanese kof champ is coming lets hope theres match vids

so they only play kof11?:confused:

Yeah, where’s the '98?