The Great Battle 2007

AKA TGB2007, this is a Chinese tournament that has heavy focus on kofs but also has a couple of other games. For this year’s tournament, players from 4 other asian countries are participating as well.

the official website:

Here’s the thread with the brackets for all the games. All the players’ names are color coded to show their respective nationalities. Red = China, Pink = Japan, Navy = Taiwan, Light Blue = Korea, Maroon = Hong Kong
Black names are probably the Chinese spots. The Chinese players written in red with the “TGB” stamp on them were probably given the spot without having to play in the tournament.

Here’s the quick rundown of the tournament schedules.
5/3 - Kof98 - Chinese national
Kof2002 - Chinese national
5/4 - Initial D ver.3 - Chinese national
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike - International
5/5 - Kof2002 - International
5/6 - Kof98 - International

As for the notable players, I heard and read the Chinese guy ?? (Dakou?) is godly in kof98. From Japan, Ino and MOV are attending for 3s and Kyabetsu is going for KOF. From Korea, A-ryu and DB is playing in the 3s tourney. I don’t know enough about HK and Taiwanese players to list them let alone the fact that I can’t read most of their names.

There’re also supposed to be kof team battles as an event, probably on the last day. My Chinese skills are as good as the webtranslators get and common sense, so if anybody else can elaborate, that would be awesome.

Today was the Initial D and 3s tournament, and I haven’t heard any news on who placed what. Does anybody know where to get all the latest updates as the tournaments are going down?

3s tournament is happening right now, I hope they will update as soon as the result come out. I will translate it as much as I can.

The official site itself doesn’t even have a 3s forum…

Well, you can check the following links for result and discussion:

Edit 2:
Forget to thank the great master Laugh posting this…

Asian War Tourney! hahaha

How soon did the videos for last years event take to come out? I be itching to see some 3rd Strike footage!

I assume MOV used Chun, but who’s Ino using in 3s these days?

I hope it’s not all jp players in the top 8. I wanna see some Chinese 3s footage. IIRC, there’s a pretty dope yang player in China…or maybe that’s Korea…

So many Sean avatars =O

Last I saw Ino playing 3S, he was using Makoto.

Roughly translated from sftchina

Japan took the top 3 spots in 3s, even their KOF player got third place.

apparently according to MOV/Ino:

Kuroda has the best Yun/Urien (about 10x better than RX)/Dudley(10x better than kokujin)/Hugo(on par with Hayao), and is top 3 with most of the 3s cast. He entered SBO with Q because it’s underused…

no one can play Gouki well in Japan, not even Jiro.

top 3 Chun: MOV/Nuki, then Tokido.
Ken: Daigo, MOV/Keeper top tier, Deshiken was a level below, Spellmaster J a level lower.

k, I’m a bit shocked about the kuroda comments… Any confirmation from the ffa ppl after they go to Japan?

That’s hard to believe… They might’ve been exaggerating.

Eks posted this link in the 3S video thread. Pretty sure it’s supposed to have videos from this tournament.

It was no accident they made Japan pink. I see what they did there.

Thanks for the info dood.