The greatest one hit Street Fighter hit confirm of all-time

I think its Sean’s close standing roundhouse from SF3: Double Impact. I don’t think theres any other hit confirm that has that gives you that much time to do a super afterwards.

Did this subject require a new thread? This isnt a rhetorical question because I want you to ask yourself then share your answer.

Turn 1: Saotome Kaneda summon in progess, skip 4 turns.

:confused: What in the hell? SRK is too fuckin random.

Turn 5: cr. stong neg xx SA II.

CvS2 Cammys Far or Close Fierce on CH gives you enough time to walk up and super.

he’s coming…

plays JAWS music slowly

ironically, the OP is gonna get smashed with a cvs2 sagat C.HPxxclose thread.

…you made sure to equip your moderator materia right?

240 second rule means that it takes 960 seconds so summon SK? Shit… That’s a whole 16 minutes! xx kick super

in before close

OP wins, time over. Full vitality.

I don’t suppose anybody actually thought to PM SK instead of just hoping he’d notice the thread himself.

Real niggas use Short Charge support ability :tup:

Turn 6: Marduk Elbow into Infinite Lock.

Terry’s S.FP xx Burn Knuckle/Buster Wolf

but that’s snitching :angel:

in before close

Sorry, took a week. =x