The greatest tragedy in history! (but not really)

G*ddamnit! I finally reached the G2-B level in Championship mode in SF4 and, I don’t know why, my Madcatz TE stick broke completely (4 buttons don’t work at all) AND my game just decided to erase itself. I’m back at G3-E with 1 GP, my 3245 BP are gone and I have to get all of the characters back of which most were my mains. I have no idea why this happened. Has this happened to anyone else? I had to order another TE fightstick because I just can’t fight well with the xbox controller. Sorry about posting this here, the SF4 board won’t let me post. Satan has surely kicked me in the sack with his soccer cleats.

It is if this happened to someone else and they know a solution… which is the purpose of the thread.

The stick is screwed I was more interested in the possibility of recovering the data… And it’s obviously not the greatest tragedy in history. Jeez, it’s not like I’m slitting my wrists.

So for whatever reason my rank and points came back but I lost the icons and unlockables. Guess that’s good.

No. Carpenters are doing work in the house and wanted to store the materials in the living room and while they were moving in the materials, one of them couldn’t carry his end and used the sofa to catch them instead of breaking his foot and my TE stick ended up catching hell. Had I known the living room was going to be used as storage, I would have moved my things. Most of the people I’ve talked to on the board are pretty cool and I’m honestly shocked that you guys are being dcks about this. 09ers? I’ve seen this thrown at a lot of people who were just trying to ask the more experienced members questions/advice about whatever issue. Some might ask “stupid” questions but if I can’t think of anything to write and provide an answer I just move on with my day. You joined in October '08 so your use of “09ers” just makes you look like a shthead, not wise.

I should of played that after that championship match we had. Figure it out.

It’s all yours, brother. The center is dented to hell and the wires on the inside are severed. I’ll give YOU money to take it :slight_smile:

Ha ha?

sucks but, definitely not thread worthy.

Go to tech talk to talk about your stick.

There’s a thread on file corruption in the SFIV board already.

There should be some measures you can take to protect yourself against losing your info.

Also, this isn’t the greatest tragedy at all. Calm down.

The greatest tragedy in history is 09 members being allowed to post, but for you, it is Saturday.

That doesn’t mean you need to run to FGD then.

This is what happens when 09ers buy TEs.

They soak them in water and then wonder why it kills their stick and their console.

TC’s life sounds pretty boring.

i’ll buy ur broken TE stick :smiley:

This oughtta summarize how I feel about your situation.

NOT to be jerk butttttttttttttttttttt…

Triple posting is not your friend.

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3 months, eh?

1: This is not a tragedy. It sucks, but is at no point threadworthy. We don’t care.
2: Both of your issues could be handled in existing threads in areas other than FGD.
3: There’s a reason why we don’t let new users post new threads in SF4. THIS IS THE REASON. NO ONE CARES. If your stick is broken then go to Tech Talk and see if you can do something about it. If your save is corrupted or you fucked up, there are threads in BOTH SF4 AND TECH TALK for you to troubleshoot.
4: I’m also getting rid of these extra posts.

Do your homework before you post again. Thank you and have a nice, SRK day.

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