The Green Torpedo Lives!:The Luigi Thread

Hey there chums, it’s your boy SRKev here with a guide to the Green Torpedo himself, Luigi.

Luigi is and always been my favorite SSB character, so I’ll take the time here to explain some of his mechanics. Overall, the character has seen some changes since Melee, and I’ll be sure to point them out in this guide.


Up Smash- This attack is an vicious swipe that does solid damage. It send the opponent straight up, and the hitbox is “rainbow-like” in it’s arcing range.

Forward Smash- Luigi’s forward smash is his karate chop attack. It’s very quick and sends the opponent upward at an angle on contact. Highly effective against opponents that are dashing towards you.

Down Smash- The down smash is my favorite of them all. Luigi performs a 360 degree sweep on his opponents which is great for 4-player tight situations. This smash, like it’s up smash counterpart, also catapults the opponent straight up into the air.


“Fireball” (Neutral B)- Luigi’s fireball is just your average everyday projectile. It has decent range, but what separates it from Mario’s, is that it goes straight forward instead of bouncing along the ground. It’s a good harassment tool, but you have to be in short/medium range for it to connect.

“Torpedo” (Forward B)- Luigi’s torpedo is a fantastic recovery move and at the same time, can grant you a quick KO if you’re lucky :wink:. Unlike in Melee, where the torpedo is unleashed once fully charged regardless of the players wishes, when the torpedo attack is at it’s full potential in Brawl, you can continue to hold the B button down until you’re ready to attack. The longer you hold the button down, the more damage you will do. When Luigi starts flashing, the torpedo is fully charged. You also have a 1/8 chance to unleash a supercharged torpedo which does immense amounts of damage and will KO most weathered opponents.

“The Spinarooni?” (Down B)- This attack has so much utility that it’s sickening to think about. When you perform the attack, Luigi spins in place like a mini green tornado. But, while spinning, you can move an incredible distance to the left or right. This is great to use as an initiator in a fight, seeing as how you’ll do damage to everyone on the way to your destination. The third great thing about this attack, is that immediately after it’s performed, if you press the B button repeatedly, you’ll ascend into the air. The amount of upward distance gained greatly dwarfs that of the Melee version of The Spinarooni?.

“The God Fist” aka “Shin Shoryuken” aka “Death Incarnate” (Up B)- This is by far Luigi’s most devastating attack. I’ve KO’d people with this move at 30%! When this move is performed, Luigi musters up all of his strength and performs an uppercut of catastrophic proportions. Sounds great right? Well, there’s a downside. If you don’t hit the opponent dead on with the attack, you’ll scrape them on your way up and slowly descend to the arena awaiting “arpe” from a salivating opponent. This move is similar to Jigglypuff’s “Rest” attack in the fact that you need to hit the opponents sweep spot in order to get the full potential out of the uppercut. If you can land it, you’ll cry sweet, sweet tears of joy. BET IT.


Neutral Air-This move is by far Luigi’s best aerial attack. Luigi performs a jump kick and holds the position for a long duration of time. When performed, the move will launch a player straight up into the air. It has strength, it has priority, and it lasts for a long time, so learn it well. It can be abused as a KOing tool, and since it’s priority is so high, most Luigi players live and die by it.

Up Air- Luigi performs a backflip that pushes the opponent away and does average damage. This move isn’t anything special, it’s probably his least effective air attack.

Down Air

  • Luigi’s down air attack is kind of a “spiral kick.” Upon viewing it’s animation, you might think that it spikes the opponent down when it connects, but it actually send them upward at an angle. Strange? Definitely. But overall, the move is easy to learn and fun to use. I honestly can’t say anything bad about it.

Forward Air aka “The Chopper”- This move has been slightly nerfed in SBB:B, simply because it doesn’t have as much “push” as it used to. When performed, Luigi’s does a “karate chop” to the opponent. This move is moderately effective and may take some practice to time properly.

Back Air aka “The Hoss Kick”- This is Luigi’s “dropkick” style attack, which is monstrous if used correctly. This move has great extension and gives great push when landed on the opponent.

Final Smash: “Negative Zone” aka “[media=youtube]s7wzJ6EJdvY”[/media]"

Luigi changes a portion of the map into the Negative Zone! During this attack, if an opponent is caught in the Negative Zone bubble, they may be plagued with these symptoms:

  • Drastically reduced attack power
    • Greater launch distance when hit
    • Increased likelihood of slipping
    • Steady increase in damage percentage
    • Flower growth on head
    • Dizziness
    • Uncontrollable taunting
    • Sudden sleepiness
    • Decreased movement speed

This move is good only if certain effects trigger from it’s use. If the opponent isn’t immobilized by the attack in any way, they can just roll out of it and be completely free of harassment. I’ve played many games where I’ve initiated the attack, only to find that the effects did nothing to actually keep the opponent near me, which resulted in them hastily escaping.

Tilt/Combo info coming soon…

Yo! You forgot his Bair!

The Hoss Kick. That shit has knockback Like a fucker man.

Luigi’s Air game will show you what it’s like to be Jordan, son!

Weegee is beast in Brawl. His air game is wonderful, everything up there leads to mad shield pressure and chaining. His ground moves are better, the Spinaroonie is one of the best approaches in the game and can lead to air fun, he’s gotten faster, and the taunts are too good.


jab into SRK is too much.

I’m starting to realize that the uppercut isn’t necessarily a must when using the final smash. Most of the time, all you need is a fully charged up smash to get the job done.

SHF (short hop fireballs) are mad chedda, mix that with his already prowless air game.

His Uair is primarily(well, in my weege game anyway) a combo tool( something like…Utilt, uair, uair,2ndjumpHoss), since his airs recover SO DAMN QUICK + his floatyness, its too damn fun. Luigi was my main in the N64 Smash, and if Bowser didn’t get all beefy in Brawl, Luigi would probably be my main again.

Another Brawl Weege note, I’ve caused A BUNCH of characters to trip with his Dtilt.

SRKev, that up SRK is too nice to see! How can you let that up!
Does anyone use his crawl to approach sometimes?

Luigi is pretty beast in this game, the SRK (I call it the Shoryureppa personally) is very stylish and fun to pull off, a friend of mine always gets hit when I roll into it, much to his dismay.

Another odd thing I noticed, Luigi’s down taunt doesn’t do the the 1% damage anymore. However, it does the SRK smash away without the damage. So it’s basically a 0% knockback. Hard to pull off for damn sure, but funny as hell to do. I’m sure you peeps knew that but hey it’s cool to share.

I’ll use some of this knowledge on my next matches tomorrow, the air game and forward spin will need to be used. I knew the air spin, which was great at getting out of tight situations.

K so I mained Weegee in Melee and I’ve been using him as a secondary this time around.

Easy combo
Down throw -> Up air -> Forward air. at low percentages it’s cake.

minor strats
Luigi torpedo is a safe move that hits people who roll backwards.

I’ll update this post as more comes to me.

Anyone been able to effectively use Luigi’s down taunt to spike characters hanging on ledges? I imagine it’s pretty pointless since people usually get up before the invincible frames of the grab go out but perhaps there’s some mind game tricks to it.

I’ve pulled it off a couple of times, but it’s pretty damn hard to land.

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but if you hit the Dragon at the right spot, you get to hear a PING sound.

(Think HomeRun Bat.)

For the record, in the other games, I have not had too high a KO% off of that move. Really fun to pinpoint people…and then do it again when they’re coming back down:-)


If you’re talking about Luigi’s UpB then it was discussed in the first post. You have to it the opponent’s ‘sweep spot’ meaning you have to be really close to them when doing it.

Wait…you can hear the PING and not be in “sweet spot” mode?

No. You will only here the ping sound if you hit the sweep spot with his UpB. If you don’t hit the sweep spot, you will get the coin noise.

damn…I guess I’ll rename my thread just Mario.

I’ve been dabbling a bit in luigi and now he’s one of my other go to characters…He feels a lot better than his melee counterpart to me but still not quite as good as his 64. I’m still having a bit of problems trying to figure out exactly where the sweet spot on his dp is…especially in the air. Oh and if you see that the person you’re playing shield is about lil less than halfway done…try SRKing it if you get the chance and make sure that shield busts. I’ve done it a couple of times =D.

Its sweet spot. Like hitting the sweet spot of a bat in baseball.

luigi I think is the only character that makes me cry when I can’t wave dash, wavedashing into a God Fist or Teh Master as we called it, during the opponents move recovery frames was classic.

Plus the melee anti fox falco move still works wonders against ppl who mash over B for recover to edge.

Hop off throw a fireball at edge level and it will clash or hit them out of there over B, they will instantly do another be too low and fall to their death(hurray for move buffering :D), its pretty hysterical the first few times until they catch on.

Why is it that Luigi is just as underrated in this game as he was in Melee? He’s a straight-up beast in BARLW. I don’t get it.
Side note: I repped everyone in this thread with the name WEEGEE. Why? Because I can.