The GTASF RanBats

Even when you want to retire you can’t really escape completely. Case in point, the one thing that was brought to my attention more than anything else when I stopped into York Cove was whether the GTASF was continuing to run RanBats. Most people don’t realize I never had any sway over the RanBat setup outside of creating the calandar for it and even that was strayed from by the directors. I still have no intention of working on the RanBats or attending any of them. What I do aim to do with this thread is at least open discussion on whether the players would still like to run them.

  • Can we get TWO reliable directors for 3S and MvC2?

  • Can each game get at least 8 players on a bi weekly basis?

  • Would the players like a scene change? Maybe move to Lovegetty or York Cove?

  • Would the players like a move to Saturday afternoons instead of Friday evenings?

  • Do the players feel like a format change is in order? The Marvel players were very vocal in wanting a double elimination bracket. I personally don’t like the idea but a compromise like single match double elimination isn’t unreasonable. The 3rd Strike players like the team format. 3v3 or 2v2 locked teams for a season?

I’d encourage everyone that has any interest at all to posotively participate.

this is definitely interesting. even tho im entering my last year of uni, id still want to be active, and if i do attend, i would be able to help out whoever would be directing (for ex: 3s i could help tommy)

other then that, i cant commit a biweekly time sad to say. but i’ll definitely try to attend as many as i can. of course, i will also try to be at cove for ample rapings.


Couple questions. By locked teams does it mean that people keep the same teams throughout the season? And is Orbit planning to get AC?

I mean the teammates would be locked up. The characters picked could be changed bi weekly.

I suggest someone ask ORBIT management. I have no idea about that cabs now.

lovegetty for 3s biweekly ranbats!! im down.

orbz has 2 cabs again from what I hear… so if people are gunna be little bitches and not admit that gety is better than orbit we can always do it there as usual.

orbit is waaaay better, so if its at orbit JS Master shall attend

and i want darkdragon to be on my team for 3s, i wanna let my buddy know how it feels like to be a champion

Orbit has 2 3s cabs, one with a crappy stick, but playable, but the tech guy is nice, i think if someone just ASK he’ll change the stick, like he did for the Marvel cab.

how would this be any different then 2/3 matchs with single elim? the whole point is for it to be 2/3 and have a losers side as well