The Guile match up thread



Anybody want to put there two cents in on some match ups for guile?


I’m most familiar w/ the Kazuya matchup which I think is in Guile’s favor. Not sure how much but I do think it favors Guile/


you can combo his GHK from his cross up


Hmmm specific matchups…heres some advice
Hugo - I play this full screen, bitch / turtle style, as soon as I score a knockdown vs Hugo I just run back and charge an ex SB for chip or hit if they flinch, full screen Guile is a bitch for Hugo, IMO he owns this match bad. Guile has better walk speed, a projectile, insane footsies, etc. Hugo is just a powerhouse but way too slow to maneuver full screen.
Poison - play 3/4 screen, always matching projectile with your booms, watch for a projectile pattern vs her and you get a free jump in ( she has pretty bad recovery )
Ken - on the ground, Guile owns him bad ( Ken cant ever do a chain that ends in stand roundhouse because Guile can low forward into cross rush for free on him ), in the air however, Ken’s Hurricane Kick is very hard to antiair. I just play this on the ground and look for jump opportunities from him ASAP before he lets a HK rip
Ryu - hard match for Guile, feels like Vanilla SF4 again, quite possibly worse with the FB cancels / fake outs from afar.
Sagat - Bad,very bad matchup for Guile now



Sagat is not that hard of a match up


you probably haven’t played any good Sagats
Ive been playing vs Mike Watson / Merciless the past couple of weeks at Super Arcade
Sagat can towards + RH x2 then Tiger Uppercut for about 400+ damage
given that Guile has slower SB recovery, slower whiff knee, stubbier backfist, stubbier back+fierce punch,stubbier jumping roundhouse
SH is worthless in a FB fight ( good for antiair )
I would put money up and bet that you wouldn’t be able to touch Watson’s Sagat


Yeah I agree that Ryu/Sagat feels pretty bad. Sagat may not be too much of a threat metagame wise as I dont think hes a good character overall and will be quite rare in a tournament. So he may be hard for Guile, but if youre not gonna run into many itll be alright. I know metagame doesnt affect matchups, but it does affect a characters tournament viability, and right now I think Guile is very viable. Ryu on the other hand will be everyhwere and will be tough.

I guess thats where the team aspect of the game comes in though, you can balance out bad matchups.

Oh and yeah Guile owns Hugo for free, its delicious. The best part about it is even if he does get in, you probably have enough meter for an alpha counter flash kick. So you have a reversal that requires no down charge and no Forward input which makes dealing with cross up body splash alot easier.


it seems capcom likes to screw over guile most of the time


Its not really Guile specifically, its just that Capcom dont ever seem to want to make zoning as dominant as they did in the older games. Anti airs should hurt and be more consistent and learning the art of how to properly throw fireballs should be rewarded. Instead they make characters who have easy ways around fireballs or derp kicks (dive kicks) so scrubs and casual players who call zoning ‘spamming’, can remain happy. Zoning got progressively worse throughout the SF4 series until 2012 and zoning wasnt viable at all in vanilla mvc3 (its much better in ultimate, but still not dominant).

Think of all the random people on the internet posting reams of youtube comments complaining about the Morrigan/Doom strategy that was started by Chris G and how annoyed theyre are getting from it. Thats the audience that Capcom is trying to cater to now, as unfortunately thats what makes them money. Not setting up a defensive wall and playing keep away strategy, but just derping all over the screen until you connect a tiny hit and convert that into a crowd pleasing flashy combo.

That being said, I dont think Guile is that bad in this game. I think hes a solid high mid tier character. You’re forgetting that this is a team game and because he adds automatic synergy to a team thanks to his battery abilities and his ridiculous alpha counter tag cancel, that makes him way more viable. In a 1on1 game I’d say the SFxT version of guile is so-so but because its 2v2 I think hes more than just ‘okay’.


this is so true its ridiculous. Throwing fireballs is an art, and unfortunately it is a dying art form.


Not as true as you say. It’s true that Capcom has had a tendency towards offensive, mix-up based playstyles (of the new characters introduced in SFIV, all were offensive, rushdown characters except for Gouken). However, I feel that Capcom has always respected zoning and defensive play as valid styles that people enjoy. Look at Dhalsim, a character I’m frankly shocked to see in SFxT, it being such an overtly offensive and fast-paced game. Dhalsim has always been a defensive powerhouse, and has been strong throughout SFIV’s lifespan.

Also note how Guile became almost dominant in SSFIV, after being kinda shit in Vanilla. They made him a zoner’s dream, and you really had to thread the needle to get in on him.

That’s not even including characters most people wouldn’t immediately think of as defensive zoners, like Sagat and E. Honda. You can even play Blanka, Akuma, Ryu and Dee Jay as properly defensive characters completely viably. I don’t think SF has ever lacked for defensive play, even if the ratio is always skewed towards offence.

But specifically about Guile in this game, it’s clear that they wanted him to be 60-40 defensive-offensive, as opposed to 80-20 or 70-30 as he was in previous games. Think of how much having chain combos adds to Guile’s game, especially with his easy crossup with jumping short and crouch forward into standing roundhouse. Think of how much having the ability to heal life adds to Guile’s ability to zone you out. Also consider how rare good reversals are in this game. I’m sure all of you have noticed by now how many things Guile’s flash kick punishes… it’s really shocking when you consider what other characters are capable of.

The way I see it, Guile is now an amazing “control” character. He’s designed to be decent at keeping you out and building meter, but his real strength is his ability to set up launchers or flash kick/alpha counter tag cancels into big damage.


Oh I agree SSFIV had a lot of viable zoning options. Still though, the top characters in super were Fei Long, Seth, Cammy and C.Viper. Honda, Bison and Chun were probably on the next rung down which was cool for defensive players but I still dont see zoning as dominant as it was in ST, CVS2 and Vanilla SFIV. If we’d have played super for a bit longer, those top 4 characters would have dominated way more than they did.

And yeah,, is ridiculous.As long as you can zone with booms and anti air accordingly, is literally the only other tool you need to win. You build really good meter by throwing booms+whiffing st.fierce, by the time your opponent has gotten in you can fish for a then just tag into a partner that can deal the bigger damage and build even more meters. What you do with that meter then is up to you and depends on the 2nd character youre using.


my friend on xbl told me that guile is a tier on the jap tier list for sxt


a bit out of range is very solid vs sagat. you have new tools, so use them.

guile is imo the best zoner in sfxt, suffering from forward rolls tho, as that means a huge distance loss against some characters.


I wish his hit box from his cross up worked ln here worked like in SSF4


guile is fine in this game. he’s not top tier, but he’s got a good all round game imo.

like i’ve previously said, use auto throw tech gems against both rufus and ryu (if you’re playing somewhere that allows gems). if not, i agree that ryu, rufus and sagat are all hard matches. guile seems to fair better against the majority of the tekken cast imo. i think he does pretty well against all of the mishima’s.

this is yet another game where it’s going to really help you learning numerous characters, so if you’re having trouble with guile, at least you’ve got a b team to fall back on. for those of you that enjoy the way guile plays, i would recommend learning chun li and raven as well. i’m not suggesting raven plays anything like guile, but i think he has some traits that suit guile players.


I ment to say in that last post that I wish that his Sxt cross up hitbox should be in SSF4


What are you guys using for Rufus dive kicks?


well I believe keeping your distance, useing your booms, if hes near jumps and DK you can jump back and hit him with, you can also use the alpha counter if he does DK pressure but be careful about useing it tho, since he can cross you up with them and you can whiff it


I see some people jump back with lk against dive kicks, Does back fist or s.HP work for dive kicks?