The Guile match up thread



Well I have not used his against his DKs yet, or his BF nor his s.HP so ill have to try it in the lab.


i really need to go into training mode and work out some of guile’s character specific anti airs for this game. it seems like very little of them have transferred over from sf4.

couple of questions for you guys. can someone explain to me what the fuck is up with vega’s jumping hp? this thing kept beating my cr.hp clean every fucking time. plus the fact i was reading dieminion say that this thing crosses up even though it doesn’t look like a cross up.

secondly, what are you guys using to punish people who are back dashing too frequently? i got blown up for using big time.


well if you mean something like kazuyas super duper mad dash I use or you can kinda bait it with a boom or fake boom then jump back and


i dont mean mist step, i mean back dash.

i think vega might be a bad match for guile in this game. but on the plus side, i think guile now beats abel.


I dont think too mutch of vega in this game, since hes not really hard to fight in here. He can be annoying but not hard, so you can bait him most of the time tho I have not fought that many of them


Vega player here…also played Guile as an alt in SF4 and my team in SFXTK is vega/guile…the main problem with vega in this game is his dificulty to open up people he doesn’t have any blockstring (other that cmp> lp rcf and that is easily punished with alpha counter)…jp HP does have good priority against anti air normals but on the bright side vega doesn’t have good priority while going air to air…and Vega anti-air game is as weak as always…so the general idea while playing against Vega is…1) Avoid footsies…you don’t want to play footsies against a good Vega player…2) Jump in a lot…he doesn’t have any anti air normal at all and Scarlet Terror (His flashkick) is 8 frames start up and doesn’t have invul frames…Vega is always in a bad position when the other guy is jumping like crazy…just don’t get to predictible…3) If you have life lead you can hold downback and wait for him to come and get you…you can easily jab vega out of his overhead wich is so slow that you can FK on reaction…you can also jab him out of mp and Hp roll…FBA has huge recovery wait to the last moment and back-dash to avoid izuna/claw strike and punish as hard as you can afterwards…Vega’s job as a characther is to anoy the other guy into taking risk and punish unsafe stuff…if you play defensive and smart there is not much Vega can do to open up Guile…


I need some SERIOUS advice about the Rolento matchup, it seems even if you understand his gimmick you just can’t stop him. Any advice would be welcomed.


If you have the meter, you can use an alpha to bust through his patriot circle. Plus Guile’s alpha counter is so good. If you have 2 or 3 meter you can switch cancel guile’s alpha counter for a free combo. This will probably stop him from doing the first rep of patriot circles in his block strings so less chip for you. If he starts spamming stand jab I’d suggest you just block until he does something else. If you feel confident you could try alpha countering his stand jab. Flash kick might work too. Also if you see Rolento doing low jab you could try raw launcher.

rolento also has no wake up moves unless he has meter.


Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try and launcher through his crouching jabs. Can Guile compete in footsies with Rolento? As his pokes seem SO superior.


Be careful though, if you mess up you’ll eat a big combo. I’ve noticed that good rolento’s don’t use crouch jab until they actually get a hit with stand jab. I’ve messed around a little with Rolento and it seems that its easier to link low jab into low forward.


Did a set against a Kuma player. First impressions: I’m thinking he might be pretty free for Guile. Just play runaway, throwing booms smartly. Don’t get too complacent, keep him in check with some pokes. He might try to roll under the booms and grab you, so watch out for the spacing and/or defend crouching. I played really lame against him and it seemed to be pretty effective.

As far as AA’s go, I’ve had some moderate success with, or at least it seems to work better here than it did in SF4. Altough I still prefer to meet them in the air and air throw or catch them with followed by, xx FK.

EDIT: BTW, anyone got any tips on the Zangief matchup?


So true! Capcom nerfed the shit out of keep-away, its insane. Some people forget that they took out the classic shoto fireball-sweep trap, made neutral-jumps MUCH easier to time, and made AA’s less consistent. And even in the context of SF4, many characters who had fireballs couldn’t even play good keep-away - such as Dee-Jay, Akuma, Rose, Ken, Oni, and so forth. In the older SF’s you feared the projectile itself, in the newer games you fear the follow-up. Its a bit better in SFxT due to lack of focus attacks, but still takes a back seat to herp derp jump.

Zoning is still fine, though; its keep-away that has been nerfed.

Throw booms, use st. fp as a counter to green fists. Cr. mk is great for tagging bad lariats. You want to space yourself just outside of his green fist range. Just play this match the same way it was played in ST, lol. Bad 'Gief’s will resort to random jumps and splashes, be ready to AA with cr. fp. You might trade but at least he’ll be further away.


anyone got any tips on how to beat chun li or juri ?


I find guile vs raven just brutal. He can keep up with zoning, but has a far better close up game. Just feels like I’m playing with a handicap


I actually think Kazuya is even with Guile or maybe a slight advantage to Kazuya. Guile’s Cr. Mk and Cr. mp are really good against Kazuya.

Kazuya’s b. hk is a incredible tool vs. Guile at close range, he can’t just sit with down-back without risk. Guile’s cr. mk is a risk vs Kazuya’s st. hp because, if you hit Kazuya with Cr. Mk, St. Hk you get only so much damage, but Kazuya gets 480-500+ damage from a full St. hp Ewgf combo. Kazuya’s Lk. Tatsu goes over Cr. mk, on counter-hit, Kazuya can follow-up on it. EWGF can nullify sonic booms at long-mid range, without Guile being to punish Kazuya, because of the recovery on EWGF. EWGF is also a fantastic tool vs Guile in close-range because Kazuya can plow through Guile’s Cr. Mp Cr. Mp blockstring with a well-timed reversal EWGF. Kazuya can exploit Guile’s wake-up game hard, empty wavedash will make flash kick whiff, can wavedash through Super, or EWGF flat-out beats Flash kick.

Any Kazuya that’s worth their salt, won’t full-screen wavedash to Guile, that’s a free punish for Guile.
This is what i’ve gathered from playing Guile.


How do you fight ibuki and juri? I went up against an ibuki/juri team on PC last night and they were ridiculous. Juri especially.


I haven’t played too many Ibukis, but playing Juri is just a matter of keeping her out. You should be able to Flash Kick to punish almost all blocked dive kicks, and you win the fireball war. Be wary of her counter when jumping in, and only jump in to cross-up, since you will take a bunch of damage if you jump in poorly. Remember to punish her Senpushas on block, as their recover time has now increased.

Playing footsies with her is not recommended, and neither is letting yourself get cornered. Rolling Sobat ( :f: + :mk: ) can be good for beating her crouching forward.


Guile’s flash kick beats out Balrog’s dash punches. And cr. lk>cr. mk beats out his close footies