The Guile Thread

Air Splitting Techniques

A military man who specializes in hand-to-hand combat. In the past, he had a countless number of encounters in the battlefield, and understands that war requires callousness. While he is not one to talk much, he has a strong sense of justice. Guile receives orders from his superiors to travel to Antarctica in order to secretly investigate a mysterious that box that landed there.
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Move List:

Super Arts and Cross Arts






About time we got a Guile thread. :tup:

Anyone feel free to post “good” gameplay or whatever, and I’ll add it to the first post. I’m going to make a move list, but it might take a while lol.

Lol, you know you could’ve made it.

Now we can make punny titles for character threads?

At E3 there was a insanely good Guile player, he made Guile look broken, like pinning people down in the corner with his great normals and Sonic Boom, if you jump and you AA with his HK, you can combo off it.

lol I didn’t know we couldn’t. oops.

Can you find it, or do you remember his other teammate?

I was looking for it on Youtube just now, I can’t find it… but he did win the E3 tournament with Guile.

True, but I’m not one to start threads, since that means that I would then have to be tasked with upkeep. I’d rather contribute.

Yeah, when did that become a rule?

In the General thread before this game got it’s own section.

Really? I don’t see it hurting anybody?


Here is Guile’s move-list

lol, the title was good while it lasted.

Also charged sonic booms will be so good for zoning. It’s like a feint in itself, you can literally time it for people to land on it if they jump.

Also Guile’s gdlk pokes being chainable. I think the fact that his moves are chainable will help him, and also all charge characters.


After looking around 2:22 in the video, I see that guile can now combo his upside down kick into his sweep. It looked like a link. For a while I was worried that his sonic boom got a longer startup but now I realize it’s just people charging it slightly. Haha, looks pretty cool. I always liked guile’s sonic boom startup pose.

Not sure if everyone knows but if you air throw someone into a sonic boom it will combo.

So you know how you can charge moves and get supers, would it be possible for Guile to land GHK into a charged SH?

I.e. whilst charging down+forward and punch (assuming any forward motion will work in this case) you would hit roundhouse kick for GHK then release punch for the SH to connect?

if you can super cancel flash kick in this game. you could possibly do GHK, Flash Kick, Sonic Huricane?

There’s no dizzy in SFxT which is a buff for Guile. I heard S-Kill talking about tech rolling and how “it might or might not have a downside to it. There was a certain original SF character who likes to crouch down a lot, where tech rolling is reallly good”. This statement kind of implies that Guile’s SB/poking game is going to be fine in SFxT.

still a firm believer that guile and dhalsim will be difficult to deal with in this system, but we’ll see considering the changes to the system over the months.