The Guile Unblockable Thread



No, I did not find some kind of weird unblockable that Guile has. However, I did acquire a large mass of sodium from a local Evil Ryu player. I think that it would be important to catalog all the unblockables that other characters can do against Guile, however, and find the best way to recognize then escape these various situations.

It would also be interesting to find answers to “hard-to-blockables” as well. Any input from everyone is appreciated.

f.throw into corner > dash > >

b.throw > hop >
Escapes: Crouching, last second block

shoryu xx FADC > hk axe kick into corner > sweep >
Escapes: Wakeup empty neutral jump, “just guard” away from corner

f.throw into corner > taunt >

b.throw into corner > s.hp >
Escapes: Neutral jump, back/forward dash, possible focus dash

neckbreaker > walk forward > >


Now, I need to hit the lab a little bit when I get a chance and figure some stuff out, however, the honda video and the blanka video do bring up some interesting ideas about shrinking your hurtbox by crouching, jumping, or just NOT holding a direction. I think that is the jump in is meaty enough, that this is a definite possibility.

Anyways, those were what I digged up on the first couple pages of youtube. Let’s try to find more and figure out how to escape them.


As you can tell from my vid, close s.jab, close s.short, c.jab, c.short will get you out of most(not all) unblockable setups. You will trade hits and your opponent will be at a disadvantage. Unfortunately it has to be timed perfectly as you wakeup or you get hit. You might want to consider re-wiring your joystick to have the select/back button to a better position.


You know, I DO remember you posting that Gilley. Thanks for the reminder.


Findings and excitement!

Ok, first off, the main thing I’ve been having trouble with lately is a local Evil Ryu player using the unblockable posted above. The combo that leads up to it does enough damge to where the followup > s.hp will stun guile which has lead to a fair share of perfects on his side. So, this is the one I have donated most of my time to.

I have discovered two semi-reliable escapes to this setup

First off, neutral jump! Using a neutral jump will cause E.ryu’s to whiff. Granted, there’s nothing you can use to put him in blockstun with on the way down and technically he can DP you on the way down. However, I doubt most E.ryu’s will prepare for this as, well, I don’t think a soul has used this tactic yet.

Secondly, which is an extremely exciting find that I tried after watching the above blanka unblockable, is that you can “just guard” unblockables to get out of them. For any non-SNK/CvS2 K groove folks out there, “Just Guard” is blocking with parry timing. (In those other games, it did a flash and netted you some frame advantage.) For the E.ryu example, if you tap block instead of hold it on the frame you wakeup, you will block the

The problem with this solution is that first off, it’s kind of hard to do. I’m pretty sure you have a 1 frame window to tap block, which is different and tricky. You also need to know what direction to actually use. For the E.ryu unblockable, you must tap block away from the corner, blocking as though it was a cross-up.


There’s “Just Block” or “Just Guard” in AE?


I’m just using the name really. It’s just that you have to block on the first frame instead of just holding the direction. There should probably be a different term for it.


tap guard? :stuck_out_tongue:


Works for me. Tap Guard.