The Guile Video thread



I got nothing but figured the man deserved his own video thread.:sweat:

I have some now!





UPDATED WITH SSF4 VIDEOS! Thanks to all the contributors of this thread it is GREATLY appreciated!


Matsu’s Guile vs Subar ken


Matsu’s Guile vs Kaqn Ryu


Matsu’s Guile vs a Claw player



HK casuals.

(DH) vs (GU)

(RY) vs (GU)


how about videos of those who post here?


this guy plays a pretty solid Guile. here’s one of my favorites:

pretty good showcase of focus attacks, cancels and EX from both players


A good example of air-throwing:


vs. El Fuerte, and Abel:
vs. Chun Li:
vs. Ken:


How do I watch these vids? I clicked on everything, and ended up on the picture that looks like a download file, and I end up on a blank video screen.


Have a look in the SFIV Video Gameplay ( thread for options. You need a nicovideo account or you can use mmcafe. I recommend an account, but it’s a little tricky creating one.


Textbook Guile vs. Zangief

Textbook Guile versus Zangief: [media=youtube]FEvXGBQ2T-o[/media]


A very conservative Guile in the current TRF videos:



It looks like the best way to play him. I don’t think Guile’s offensive options (cross-up, high/low game) are worth it from a risk/return perspective.


I somewhat agree; I play Guile very much like this already, except I’ll take the odd risk if an opening looks good and get stuck in like it’s 1995 again. Also depends on the op, obviously.


Dagger_G California Regional Vids.

Vs Moval’s Blanka

Vs PigHadouken’s Ryu

Vs Keno’s Balrog(boxer)

Vs Fuson’s Guile

Vs Kai’s El Fuerte


Blanka’s ball roll goes through sonics?? :annoy:


Nice use of the super by dagger_G.


Only his EX ball.

I must have missed the super.

Loved the FADC ultra, though.


lol I meant ultra, my bad.

The guile player ashley on this YT is pretty good.


New TRF tournament featuring another conservative/zoning Guile. He did very well. There was very good use of s.FP as anti-air. It doesn’t look to be a great poke, though (vs Chun). I think this guy had a better Guile than the guy who won it last time.


Damn, the s.FP is awesome in this game.