The Gundam "vs. series" thread: Fed vs. Zeon, A.E.U.G vs. Titans, etc

Well, I finally picked up Federation vs. Zeon, and I’m impressed. It’s a pretty good Virtual On style fighter. Would it be worth importing Gundam Z? Is Gundam vs. Z Gundam any good (supposedly that’s coming out in the States)? And can anyone point the way to some good match footage of any of the Gundam “vs” games? I saw some good tournament footage a LOOONG time ago, but I can’t remember where I got it.


Nobody here plays this shit?

Fed vs. Zeon is a fighting game?! :confused:

when I saw gameplay footage of the game, it looked like a horrible 3rd Person FPS.

The only Gundam game I did like was Battle Assualt 2, that game was the shit :tup: :tup:

It’s considered a “Virtual On” style Fighting game. I figured I could get away with it in FGD. Especially since it’s produced by Capcom, so it’s technically a “Capcom fighter”. And BA2 is shit compared to Fed vs. Zeon. Trust me.

Yes Capcom’s Gundam DX series is fucking godly, it’s also rated as one of the top arcade games in Japan and Hong Kong. IIRC they even have tourneys on them.

Gundam vs Zeta Gundam, which is the PS2 port/upgrade of the arcade upgrade (AEUG vs Titans DX) should be coming over this year via Bandai USA. Besides game tweaks, GvZG has all the OYW stuff and Grypps stuff, along with Judeau and his ZZ.

Recently announced was the next game in the series, arcade first of course, Earth Alliance vs ZAFT, which of course is based on SEED.

Sad I never got to see the Sentinel or CCA stuff in this series. =/

Thanks for the info, Kyoji. If I ever find the Challenger Tournament footage I saw long ago, I’ll send it your way. Anyone else know where good footage can be found?

Only played the Battle Assault games.

Bump. Just got back into Federation vs. Zeon. Forgot how great the game is. Anyone pick up Gundam vs. Z Gundam yet? If so, how is it? And I’m still looking for tournament vids, hint hint. I hear A.E.U.G vs. Titans was at SBO 2003. Anyone have any footage of that?

I asked all your questions in the gundam thread akuma, nobody answered me back, so i figured i was the only one who was into these games.

i have them all for ps2 Fed vs Zeon dx, A.E.U.G vs. Titans, and Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam.

the latter is a very good game it has all the good points from the previous game plus more, i would recomend that you pick it up sometime.

Ive been looking for match play vids for this to, i remember seeing some ages ago problay the same ones you mention.
I havent had any luck in finding any yet, closest i got to was stuff on carol but it looks like they just post winner details with pictures.

If i come across any ill pm or post here :tup:

Battle Assault 2 ruled. Top Tier: Psycho Gundam MK2, Big Zam, Dark / Devil Gundam, Hydra Gundam, Big Zam, Neue Ziel.

Bottom tier: Ball. Which makes me cry. And Acguy.

Maybe I need to give it another shot, but I didn’t particularly like BA2. It just seemed too slow and bland.

Oh yeah Gundam Hammer in Fed vs Zeon is BROKEN, dunno if they weakened it in AEUG vs Titans or Gundam vs Z Gundam.

And it’s fun to play core fighters against Big Zams in those snow maps in Gundam DX, it recreates the battle of Hoth almost perfectly. :smiley:

I LOVE the Gundam Hammer in Fed vs Zeon and using it in BA2. Ah, Amuro is just too cool.

FINALLY! This site contains match vids of the newest Vs. game, SEED vs. Zaft.

Should be fairly easy to find.

Is that this?

Being released on 17 Nov 2005

I really like the Gundam Seed show and I also like the Virtual On sort of fighter to go with my 2d addiction. Anyway, could anyone tell me if the previous Gundam VS games had English menus? I dont really care if ingame stuff is Jap or whatever but I like to know what options I am changing etc… :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

^ Yep, it’s the home port of Earth Alliance vs ZAFT, since it has an updated/improved Gundam vs Zeta Gundam engine, you know you’ll be in for some awesome gameplay.

It’s not exactly like Virtual On though in case you’re wondering, slightly different, well it is a Capcom game after all. :smiley:

The really important thing to me is if it has English menus or not, did the previous games have english menus?

What about Battle Assault 3 (the Gundam Seed based game) ??
Is it any good?


Well I only have the original Gundam DX for my JPN ps2 (so I dunno about AvT or GvZG), and the menus were a mix of English and Japanese. It’s not hard to navigate thru, but if you really want everything to be in English then just wait for Bandai to localize the game for the US since they will anyway, Seed is quite popular on this side of the pacific as well.

Ahmed: The Battle Assault games are decent at best, but if you really want a Gundam Seed game done right, just wait for them to port Earth Alliance vs ZAFT.

I’ve got FvZ and Gundam vs. Zeta. Good stuff, just wish I had people to play with. Me, I’m primarily in favor of Zeta-era AEUG designs. Red Rick Dias (Clay Bazooka) is my main, though I do dabble with the Hyaku Shiki (Beam Rifle) some. Wish for 310 points the Hyaku Shiki had a better shooting angle though. I know it’s meant to be a melee-oriented design, but that’s pretty silly since Quattro Bajina was more skilled at ranged attacks than melee in the anime. Weird.