The Guns Thread(Discussion, WDYCT, etc)

Here’s mine:
Henry Lever Action .22
Flashlight/Tazer combo
3.5in(?) S&W Folding Knife

Also in the pic:
7000+rds of .22LR
100+ rds 9mm
Speed Loader for my Lever Action

Shot a gun for the first time in my life roughly 6 months ago. Bought the lever action about 3 months ago. Planning on getting 9mm sometime soon but not sure which. I do like the Springfield XD, the Sig P220 was also nice, need to try a baretta and a glock first though.

Was also planning on building an AR-15, but with recent events, prices are jumping so I can’t do that anymore at the moment.

Well worth it though.

M1A is usually expensive, even the S.O.C.O.M ones, you should check out PTR, they sell G3 replicas with the same machines HnK used to make theirs. They where about 900 starting, and went up to 2000 if you got a PG3 variant. Or you could go the AR variant route and find some that sell for as low as 1600.

For ammo, you could always buy surplus, best IMO, just got to clean every time, or make your own.

Actually, I was thinking about the HK MR762A1. Is it better to get a 16~ish inch long barrel or 20"? My guess is the 20" barrels should be for marksmanship stuff and 400+ yards target practice.

My boss told me it’s better to make your own ammo.

Wow, almost 4k for that, price for German Engineering.

But, if its grouping you want and accuracy at 400+ yards, 20 is better, but it makes it significantly heavier. 16 is cool, and TBH, ive never every really thought about a 16 inch .308. but given the power of .308, it would still be somewhat possible to hit something at that range.

Careful with making your own though.

BEWD, IL has to come up with a concealed carry license program within the next 6 months:

I like knives, but Tennessee is lame and I can’t legally carry a blade more than 4".

I’ve got a cheapo Spyderco Tenacious G-10 ( - its not a bad knife, I carry it with me everyday and since its cheap don’t mind abusing it.

For a self-defense knife I got an Al Mar SERE Operator mini ( I’m going to send it into in the near future for a custom molded kydex sheath that I can carry IWB. I love this knife, but haven’t carried it like I wanted to because the sheath it comes with is practically useless for anything but strapping to a backpack.

I love my USP 45 Compact, but I want to get a revolver and an ankle holster for some carry variety. Strongly considering a Smith & Wesson 640 Pro

^Yes I saw that, yet Governor Quinn and other politicians like Madigan are fighting tooth and nail to prevent any meaningful change, I"m sure if left up to them they’d make the CCW permit so fucking difficult to get that it’d be pointless. Yet we do have groups like Pass Conceal Carry IL, the Illinois State Rifle Association, and NRA&GOA reps in the state too, so hopefully we can do some real pushing back as more and more IL people are in favor of CCW

Kazu: I’d recommend also getting you a trainer blade or whatnot just to practice drawing your blade and making slashes with it if you have a folder. It may seem silly but it’s really easy for beginners to cut themselves with their blades especially in a heated convo.

I like fixed blades a lot, but a folder is much easier to conceal than the ka-bar I have, looking into some of spyderco’s more expensive models, just gotta get the cash >:S

edit: *completely missed you talking about the other knives you own ignore my beginner comment lol

I was also considering getting into the process of doing my own ammo reloads as well, but it is a huge time and money investment. Putting money into getting a progressive loader/dyes/casings/bullets/primer/etc, when I only have .22 and barely go shooting at all, is somewhat of a waste for me. Even doing reloads for 9mm might not be worth it for me either. Living in San Diego, I don’t have that many areas to go shooting often enough to justify the costs.

But to practice my trigger control at home, I ended up buying a colt defender BB gun and started shooting a target I setup in my garage. It’s not exactly ideal, but it helps to a certain degree.

krazykraka: I don’t think I would buy a reloader if I only had a .22 considering how cheap the ammo is. If you had a 40 cal or another more expensive round you would recoup said costs much quicker.

Guns I own:
Freedom arms .357 magnum (the most accurate hand gun I have ever owned, no contest)
Ruger SP101 .357 mag (I owned a redhawk for years, and was glad that they finally put the .357 in a smaller package than the GP101)
USFA Colt .45 (I used to do Texas Quickdraw, been too busy to compete the last few years)
1892 Colt single action army (great grandad’s gun)

Winchester 1300 (the old model when they still made good shotguns)
Benelli M4 (won this in a raffle, by far the best modern made shotgun I have used)

Winchester 1894 .30-30
Remington 700 in .270

I don’t conceal carry for a good number of reasons. I do carry a knife, however at all times. I am also a hunter, but I only hunt for meat, I have no interest in trophy hunting. Since my family owns our own deer lease and we have equipment to process meat, I can get most of the food I need for the year in a couple of weekends of effort.

Baby killers thread, IMO.

J, what do you think of the Saiga-12? I still haven’t bought one yet but I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it

I think the Saiga-12 is a novelty gun, considering that the design is a long magazine with plastic shells, jams are going to happen, and they are going to happen quite often. I also found the trigger and safety kind of awkward and didn’t love it. Right now I really want to get one of these, but they have been backordered forever.

J, no way in hell am I going to do reloads for .22 :rofl:. I was just thinking of doing it for 9mm, 40 and .45acp. Even for 9mm, it might be a waste for me since I don’t go shooting often. But since 2 of brothers have 9mm and I’m considering picking one up as well…it might be worth it.

I was thinking of getting a pump-action shotty instead of a semi-auto. Still reading up on the pros and cons. The biggest pro for the pump action is that it can take any type of shell you shove in.

Krazykraka: Well that makes more sense. I would definitely consider doing your own reloading for 40 cal, the ammo for that round is just atrociously expensive.

Pump Pros/Cons:
+Will probably never jam, and if it does jam, can be cycled to get jammed shell free

  • Will take any kind of ammo regardless of size
  • Less moving parts (less chance of breakage
    +Can hold more shells than a semi auto and can have mag extender easily installed for 8-9 shell maxes
  • REALLY cheap compared to semi-auto (can be bought used for 200 bucks)
  • Most of the modern made pump shotguns are pieces of shit (compared to how indestructible older models are)
  • Slower fire rate (unless you are really good with it)

So basically auto semi-auto shotguns are better if you are doing bird/duck hunting, otherwise a pump is better in any other situation.

I’ve been leaning towards the pump-action from the start. By the looks of it, it is the way to go at this point. I was not aware about the whole modern vs older shotguns. I’ll just keep researching. I’m not in a hurry to buy anything anyway, I’m just hoping that prices start to drop again soon.


Guns I own: Walther P22, Hi-point 9mm carbine, and Springfield XD .45ACP

Guns I owned: AK-47, Mossberg 590, and a SKS

I was stationed in N. Dakota for 3 years and the only thing to do up there is drink, go “hoggin”, and hunt/target shooting. I’m overseas now, and honestly the only thing I miss about the States besides friends and family is being able to go to the range. I’m thinking about getting a Mossberg 500 when I get back and maybe a REC-7 depending on my job situation.


I am a sucker for high caliber long range rifles. So much fun to fire.

L115a3 long rifle weapons system and the

Remington MSR

these are on my wishlist.

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