The Guy Q&A Thread: Post your questions here!



Basically, I don’t think we want to get flooded with ‘How do I get Guy’s ninja costume?’ threads; so I felt we should have a Question and Answer thread.

So any question you may have can go here, but remember that any question about match-up goes in the match-up thread

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So go ahead and feel free to post your questions here.


Just started playing Guy today so maybe what normals to use for what would be good to know, as in like which for air to air, which for AA, which for poking, etc.

Also, because his jump has so much range, once I am out of footsie range I don’t really know what to do. He jumps too far to crossup and none of his attacks reach. Should I be backing out and then trying to work my way in again?


What should Guy do on wake-up? After I land a MP, HP, QCF LP and knock down the opponent I really don’t know what to do. If I get too close I’ll usually get shoryuken’d on wakeup but if I’m too far I’ll get hit with projectiles.


well you have lots of options.

run stop baits
go for slide
go for overhead hop kick
run/stop at good enough spacing for a meaty
even bushin flips works once in awhile since some people like to jump on wake-ups.


most of these options are good but the only 1 i ve been abusing is to do lp bushin flip while they wake up and do SRK the flip can grab em while the opponent is under you/behind you. works sometimes sometime it doesnt. if they crouch you will cross em up and maybe get stuffed Guy’s really good but i having hard time vs cammy,blanka,chun li and shotos sometime.


how should i (someone new to using a command character) ease into playing guy. he is really fun to play and i know he has a high execution bar but i am willing to tough it out. you learn through experience(pain) but how should i start out using him what are simple combos to do in a match until my dexterity increases and simple mixups to apply when in the corner that a beginner could use?


Execution won’t be your problem with Guy


then what would?


Besides the options above, wakeup OS tech is godly. You can also throw them and theres forward+mp overhead, but when online I stick with sitting just outside SRK/Grab range and then punish because thats what 99% of noobs do on their wakeup.

As for bushin flip, unless they press an input on their wakeup there will ALWAYS be a frame where they are forced to stand (that’s how vega izuna loop works) so if you have perfect timing you can grab them every time if they don’t know this.


Hey Merk, see you are enjoying Guy.


Hey yea I like him.

OK Question:

When you do bushin flip to elbow, it seems to give ALOT less advantage than regular jump to elbow. I find it really hard to combo off bushin flip->elbow unless its counter-hit where as regular eblow I can followup with target combo. Is it impractical to try to combo off bushin flip->elbow? What other mixups can you do after besides throw, or OS tech?

Anyone else have this problem


I am going to ask this again since it wasn’t really answered…

What are good Normals that Guy can use to AA someone? I am not sure if its just me but it feels like theres a little less priority for him in AAing others in this game with his normals? Maybe its just me though.


I usually just avoid the jump ins when they happen. Cr. HK to slide under and then back dash. Focus attack them as well for a free target combo. But usually I dominate the air with Izuna Drops and Bushin Flips on the rush down, so I don’t really have to play defensive. Spin kick also works well. Its wins or trades, haven’t seen it beat out by a jump in besides air grab.

So far I have only been to combo from bushin flip -> Elbow drop on a standing opponent, not on crouching.(on Reg. Hit) But on reg. jump -> elbow drop I do Target Combo (St. Mp -> St. Hp) on both crouching and standing.


Just crouching Fierce and standing Roundhouse, although both require the opponent to be jumping in front of him. cr. Fierce makes his hitbox go down weird so it avoids a few random jumpins do to it.

Outside of that, his super is pretty good and has invincibility, problem is timing it so that all the hits hit.


so vega cant grab you if you input a cr. normal on wakeup? i am always afraid of claw’s wakeup grab but face him so rarely that I never bothered to look it up.


i call shenanigans on this…i dont think you can combo off the bushin elbow unless its CH. Or, you know, i’m just bad at street fighter :frowning:


What are safe guy combos that end in a special move? since target combo whiffs standing opponents and isnt safe(at least, i cant do the grab if they block…), and bushin flip is srk’d, and senpukyaku is unsafe, and arnt all of those yun style shoulder moves punishable? So what should I do?
Also yeah, need to know some good normals.


PkSkyler you need to read the post in this forum and all your questions should be answered, you just aren’t doing the right versions at the proper time.


Yes but he can still claw you, so you need to be careful.

Also I think you can combo c.lp off bushin elbow but the timing is very strict, I have not been able to do target combo off bushin elbow


Came here to ask the exact same question. Seems to have no advantage on hit and opponents can throw me out of whatever I want to do next?