"The Gym" Stream

Basically I set up 8 man lobbies and hand out invites to some of the best players on my list (i myself play sakura and balrog). The objective is to get a variety of good players who all play different characters. So that people can specatate and pick up on things if they are trying to learn that character (request/questions will be taken from the stream chat) . At the same time the room is open for anyone who is interested in joining and showing what they got or looking for advice. I also plan to have a basic winnerstays room with some circulation going on basically where if the you lose x amount of times your space will be giving to someone else. Just trying to make a balanced system for that if anyone has opinons please share here. Oh and most importantly the account to add would be winnerstaystv , and the channel to tune in to would be justin.tv/winnerstays and there will be the best of the best stream matches put up on the youtube channel youtube.com/winnerstays. We go live every night excluding tonight ( a more in detail schedule coming soon) pre occupied at the moment if there are some request i will be available to get on around 1-2am est

Will there be a room up today? Looks very interesting, BTW.

Hey man sorry about the late response birthday was yesterday and worked the day before so i hadnt check the thread since. Finally a reply umm i stream every night however i’ve cut back these past few days. And due to very low interest from the community so far :sad: i havent been advertising as much. But send me a friend request and ill invite you when our rooms up when your on wether it be tonight or tomorrow night!
But glad to see you like the idea atleast i know thats not the problem trying to get the word out so we can get things going!

When do you usually do this? I might get in on this

I Do it Every Night Excluding Mon / Wed ( Work Days get home at 11 )
Times Will Be 8pm- its over! (meaning everyone is just done for the night)
Can start earlier once again right now im just trying to rack up opinons so i can make a stable schedule and what not

So, the XBL account I have to add is “winnerstaystv”, or “Hey Squidward”?


Just got in will start streaming at 9:30 if we get some people!

Going live now winnerstaystv wont let me login for whatever reasons so im on my real account “hey squidward” right now its just my friend p3rfct who is a really good vega giving tips

Will you have this going up today?

I’m down to check this out. Sent you a request on xbl…

Alright may seem like ive been blowing this off guys but trying to scheduele better and tamper with some settings for max perfomance on the stream. so heres the deal every nights 9pm excluding mon/wed i will be streaming that is if i have the players so the bigger the fanbase / players the more endless supply of players i have atm im only going off of my main profile friend list account which is not much. so please add winnerstaystv to your xbl list for now i will accept them in the future if my list gets to big obviously i will just have to leave it pending. kk thanks

Kk getting more request lately well going live now guys if anyone is reading this by chance shoot me an inv !