The Hacker News Thread - FBI vs Welfare

what with Anonymous, Lulzsec, and all the insanity of the interwebz as of late, I thought I’d make this thread to cover the random hacking news that keeps popping up and affecting us daily.

As it stands, Lulzsec hacked the US Senate today:

oh, and they hacked Bethesda

Also, they really seem like immature dicks compared to Anonymous…the same Anonymous that announced it is going to go after the US Federal Reserve:

Where the Fuck did Lulzsec come from? There has to be a history of them somewhere. Sure, just because I haven’t heard of them doesn’t discredit them, but I’d really like to see some prior art before i just up and believe in a big bad cyber boogie-man out to get my gigglehurtz.

Not only that, but the truth that hacking is absolutely nothing like how it’s portrayed in the media/news. It’s mostly sitting around using such magically obscure tools as umm… Google and a PHONE BOOK. :tup:

Man I really hate the term “lulz.”

These guys are going to hack the wrong people someday.

If the US government isn’t the ‘wrong people’, then who is?

This is what happens when you think getting interns to save money is better than hiring security professionals.

^ More like something that happens when people believe that security is an appliance, or a product that can be bought plugged in, turned on and forgotten about. Security is a never-ending process.

They got banned from PSN.

All part of sony’s new “hack us 7 times and ur banned” plan

did they just hack the website itself? cause this isnt the first time a hacker group has gone after a govt website…those things dont seem very secure in general nor connected to anything super important. i could be wrong but based on past stuff nothing serious ever happened beyond defacing the front page.

Damn black hats, wish they stick to the government. I want my Skyrim out on time dammit.

yeah, i have no idea why they hacked Bethesda, all due to fucking Brink

I’m fairly certain Lulzsec is all 12 year olds

The Chinese government.

Cant not do this.

Actually one of them is a 16 year old girl from what some “conversations” say. Although who can really believe a word these guys/girls say outside of who they hacked.

I think its a good thing this has happened because it will make a lot of companies step up their cyber security. There is a lot of emphasis being placed on physical security because it is easier to deal with so a lot of companies often piddle dirk around when it comes to the cyber side.

If these kids were to go around doing this legally as a business they would make millions upon millions. Instead they are now public enemy #1

so what happens if this is all just an inside job? Lulzsec started damn fast, out of nowhere. And the US is trying to pass controversial internet laws. What better way to get em started, than to scare the public into the new threat (hackers, now that terrorists and commies aren’t threats anymore)

Empty speculation without evidence is Satan’s best friend.

i prefer viewing all the facts over blindly following whatever I’m told. Remember how Iraq GUARANTEED had WMD’s?? I’m just saying, it’s pretty easy to create a scapegoat

Anonymous (who also supposedly hacked the International Monetary Fund, stealing MAJOR data) is supposedly gonna hit the Federal Reserve today, and wants to start a revolution, due to the fact the rich are driving the poor into poverty:


the internet’s wild west days are going to end soonn thanks to these idiots

I doubt it… Anon has been working on Internet to use if the government cracks down, similar to what the US is making for foreign countries that cut theirs off

Plus too many regular folks would go berserk