The Haiku Thread


Hey Jeremiah-
Not sure if i spelled that right.
Well, hello again.


Third Strike Is The Best
Must Win A Major


My Carpool Tunnel
Over Trained Pad Chun Li’s Pain
No Pain, No Gain, Right?


a fledgling fighter
trying to shake his scrub ways
one fight at a time


Run little river,
Carry your water away
To some better place.


A haiku for cheese.
bleu, cheddar, swiss, pepperjack
for slappy: summer


effervescent light,
The blaze of sun in your eyes.
The hyperion


Don’t give up ever.
The best effort does count.
Believe in yourself.


His fist flies past me
He has crossed the Rubicon
I show no mercy


A single red rose
Divine, lingers in the air
There, she shines brightly.


Music is awesome.
You should go listen to some.
Then mix some records.


A flurry of blows
From what direction to block?
Fuck it, mash DP


Trying to hard to sound
Like a poetic jerkwad
A haiku by d3v


I am very drunk
I am about to Vomit
Get Out of the way


Living life sober
Can be fun at the right time
With better prospects


Gattling Koo
Duck Straight LP MGB
Corkscrew Crosssssss ss


after this low jab
I will throw you on the floor
damn you auto-tech


Unstoppable Me
Master of the Saikyo


I love this new game
But nobody plays online
KOF 13


Master some ST
Play with a hitbox display
Improve your footsies