The Hajime no Ippo (HnI) thread - Gazelle Punch Her in the Gut!


Okay, I searched for an HnI thread, the most I could come up with was a thread about the upcoming anime which was kinda a dead thread- if mods want to lock this, go for it.

Spoliers likely ahead, you’ve been warned…

Ok here goes:

First off, I’m pretty annoyed with the direction of the Miyata vs. Randy fight. This fight was soo hyped up for many chapters, we got to learn more about what has been driving Miyata these last few years, that Randy is not a simple heel character (thank god for that), but it seems like Randy has no chance in hell of beating Miyata.

I’m all in favor of Miyata winning, but this easily? It seems like Miyata has jumped a shitload of tiers and is now god tier. He gave Randy false hope last issue? Wtf…hes got some crazy fighting insight. He’s about to jolt Randy, which to my knowledge isn’t that one of the strongest punch in the HnI universe?

Maybe this fight can turn around, but as of now it annoys me because it seems like Morikawa has wasted our time just to showcase Miyata.

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Sando smashu!!!


I’d love to see a thread where we compare top US players to Ippo characters.

As for the current fight, I think Miyata’s about to get what coming’s to him soon.

Looking forwards to Itagaki/someone who isn’t a punching bag and Mashiba’s comeback fight. I think those are coming up soon.


The way I see it, in the last chapter randy decided to step things up, but we just learned in this chapter that it was miyata simply baiting him into thinking he had a chance. I’d love to see Miyata get whats coming to him, but I just don’t know if Randy has some ace up his ass that he can pull out.


I think the fight won’t be so one-sided soon. Some of the characters have said as much. My prediction is this fight is going to go on for 7 rounds, with Miyata winning by KO.

I can’t wait for the new season to start. :woot: I want 2K8 to hurry up and die. Ippo better come out on DVD/Blu Ray!

EDIT: HnI Chapter 826


RBJ starts using “static” soon in the raws. Be patient and wait for the translations.


I hope Miyata gets fucked up. He deserves a beat down for his fucking attitude.


well, miyata got hit with a good right in the latest raw.


anyone know what chapter continues after the end of the anime?


you will find your answer (scroll down) and all chapters here


Chapter 269, assuming you haven’t watched the OVAs.



edit: wow thats a fuckton of reading


My knowledge of Hajime no Ippo can’t extend beyond that of the anime. So I have nothing to add to this thread.




definitely. it’s currently the longest manga in the world and is still going strong. (17 years) but it’s worth it. especially when you consider that all the good fights start right after the anime ended. i’ve started watching HnI last year and i was captivated by it. when i started reading the manga i had the same feeling but boy was it worth it. i can remember spending whole nights just reading the manga.


Start reading the manga. There’s a lot to read, but it’s worth it. I don’t hesitate to say that HnI is my favourite manga/anime.


Miyata isn’t gonna get through this fight that easily…assuming if he wins at all. Randy just needs one good hit to cut his speed down a notch(and from what you guys say, he gets that hit).

Ippo vs Randy is something I wanna see.


Randy is gonna pull out something clutch and kill Miyata. Yes, I said ‘kill’. That would be too good.


Clutch? Miyata’s dad got fucked up by basically doing what Miyata is trying to pull now.


he better fucking die then. I am tired of his shit, honestly.


Stop your hating on Miyata’s attitude. He doesn’t have an attitude, he just wants to fucking box. You are just angry because Ippo is always on his dick.

Also, can’t wait to see Date get stomped by Martinez.