The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Is there a link to these matches?


nope. I was under the radar :-\


Ah, what a shame. Hopefully next time your matches will get recorded.


I need some help here. Basically I need to work on two things next week. The first is the BnB combo and the second is using OS properly.

When I say BnB combo I mean his; S.LP > S.LP > S.LP > F.LK XX Lp Slide. I spent 2 hours last night trying to do it consistently. I went from 2 out of 10 times to 6 out of 10 times. I need to get this up to 9 out of 10. Then I noticed it’s the F.LK XX Lp Slide after a long combo that Im having an issue. I can do it with out adding the 3 light punches or the other BnB combo (S.LP > S.LK > S.LP > F.LK xx Lp Slide) but I need to add this to my repertoire to become elite with Hakan. I think it’s because I don’t know how to plink and / or my motions. I usually do the F.LK xx Slide by doing a Shoryuken motion, however there has to be a better way then that. Help please.

[FONT=Times New Roman]As far as OS’s I know how to do the j.RH into O.C.H, need to learn some more.[/FONT]


Noobish question but what do you mean by “uncrouchable” Oil Dive? Is it that as the opponent is waking up, the activation frames for the crouch would have the opponent crouch slower than you would hit them with Oil Dive or am I missing a particular set-up?


All I can suggest is buffering qcf motion ending in xx lp. I found the trick is to almost plink the xx lp. I still use xx (qcf) l.p tho.

Can’t say much about OS’s but I still think there’s some good stuff here:

Exactly that. On wake up or reset there are a few frames where all(edit: most) characters are unable to crouch to avoid the oil dive. They are character specfic where some set ups work on most of the cast and some are specific to particular or a small number of characters. Best threads to check:

Edit: there’s tonnes of stuff you need to know about utilising uncrouchable oil dives to the fullest potential like they just don’t work on Honda, Blanka, Yun and Yang and I think more but can’t quite recall. Hopefully some of this changes in 2012.


Why not use into HP slide instead of LP slide? It’s a lot easier to get that followup or oil and more dmg. combo into lp slide if it’s from c.lp


Somehow, I doubt they’ll normalize wake-up frames or amount of goto crouch frames across the board. Would be nice if they did though, more Oil Dive pressure is always good!


So I’ll have to update my video… which is good news. As it turns out, Adon (!) is also vulnerable to dive overs, e.g. slide/press, jump over him, oily ex dive, (i.e. he’s low enough that hk and EX dives jump over his head, making Hakan harder to punish). Of course, this easily punishes jumps and back dashes and is safer from block than typical dive set ups. Also, a couple other set ups for oily EX dive include #1 normal throw, hp slide, oily ex dive, #2 air throw, dash, empty jump over, oily EX dive and dive, dash, non-empty jump over, oily EX dive.

[edit]As a side note, while, OS doesn’t work on Yun,, OS does. Since Yun has a command throw, to throw would probably be too dangerous anyway. also stuffs his mk SRK and whiffs on lk SRK, still leaving time to punish. Plus, jump over lk dive stuffs his lk and mk SRKs (and jumps, throws and back dashes). Not sure if that’ll lead anywhere, seeing as his command throw is much more dangerous than Hakan’s lk dive :stuck_out_tongue: and lk dive is just as risky if not more so.


One trick I use is to practice my combos just before bed. I’m not a natural, but you tend to remember stuff you do just before bed, and you process stuff in your sleep. I’m still not very good, but that helps. As far as plinking, I think it’s good to master a simpler combo first., l.p, xx slide is pretty tough. Start out with plinking into, which is significantly easier. Once you’ve mastered that, it should be a more organic transition to the new BnB. At least, that’s how I’m going to handle it, as I choke on my BnB’s still :P. Maybe I’ll settle for, seeing as I’ll probably never be awesome anyway. Also, if you didn’t know, plinking has a distinct look in the input in training mode. For plink, you should see a, s.lp, and paired with s.lp. The computer reads that as a double mp, one frame after the other, of course, despite you only press mp once.


i’m having trouble performing U2 option select on e honda with a meaty j.rh on wakeup. Is there a trick to it? I just don’t know the correct timing to input the command. What usually happens is I land the j.rh and then the ultra comes out when I know it isn’t suppose to. Do I have to input it really really fast or something. I also play on a ps3 pad.


It’s actually incredibly easy on a pad because you can use your triple kick button for both the and the OS U2. So after a slide followup, walk backwards for a split second and jump forward. When you’re in the air, hit down twice, then all 3 kicks, then Down and down +all 3 kicks, so in training it should look like this (read going UP):

Down ALL KICKS (This is the OS U2)
Down ALL KICKS (This is the

If he blocks/get hit, go to lp/lk


I’m on the same page!
the habit i’m trying to develop is to double tap the s.F+lk, since it can’t be plinked, then going into slide.
the other alternative i did to try and make the combo consistent is reduce the number of hits to minimize change of error(2 s.lp’s instead of 3), and/or use strictly instead so that i’m not finicking between buttons.( and s.lp only differ in hitboxes, not frame data). the only issue in relying on is that if they’re blocking, it is more easy for them to jump out.

regarding uncrouchable setups, the site i refered to earlier is very informative, despite being a bit outdated:


Oh thank you so much, I got it to work by just mashing down and all kicks as I’m about to hit the floor. Not pretty but it will do for now.

Another question, I’m running into a lot of sakuras and pretty much all of them do light hurricane kick spam on me during tick throw setups and on my wakeup. How do I stop that nonsense? Everytime I press a button, I get frame trapped.


So, as it turns out, you can lk dive over Vega and Cammy’s heads, if you do it right. In fact, you can jump over and do an OS lk oil dive with a crouch tech and a moment of defense. If they do nothing, you dive over their heads. If they attack, you block. If they throw, you tech. If they back dash, you punish. If they neutral jump, you dive under them. What was kinda funny was that with that delay on the lk oil dive, if Vega does a wake up wall dive toward your back, he gets punished with an auto-adjusted lk dive. I don’t know that I’ll ever get that in, but it’s cool!


test against cammy how safe hakan is from her ultra. off the top of my head, her ultra and abel’s can punish ridic stuff(and chun’s super, now that I think of it)

that is, when diving under*


He does anybody use f.lp for timing for a crossup setup after slide? Only works oiled but I can get it about 80% of the time I find this to be the easiest one for me. Just figured this one out today.

Edit: this one is character specific. Learned it first on oni, can’t quite get it on sagat…

Does anyone have a reliable crossup setup on sagat? :confused:


It’s impossible to cross him up. Best you can do is cause uppercut to whiff.


Yeah, and even that, from experience is tricky. =/ Hate sagat…haha.


Here’s a trick against Sagat: Slide/press, jump, lk dive is uncrouchable, if you do it perfectly. Not sure if that’s a good launching point for offense, but it’ll beat throws, tiger knees and jumping. Mix that with some sort of tiger uppercut bait, I guess, and see what happens.