The Hakan General Discussion Thread

Just read the unlisted changes thread and apparently buff does not apply to chained’s when oiled. Lazy…
It’s a better button for crouch teching now. Something I didn’t really think about before. Sent the FB group creator a message too.

EDIT: Oh, and Oil dive apparently doesn’t fly over characters as much anymore. I think the general wish was for it to do so more :smiley:

According to Ultradavid doc file it does.

The entire game is a mess.

According to the games files

and my own testing just now it doesn’t. I couldn’t get a chained, to combo into a jab or c.lp even once out of about 50 tries. I’m hitting a single to s.lp or c.lp about once every 3 tries.

Also plinking, dry is pretty easy, but I can’t do oiled up, chained into another plinked.

Hakan’s new outfit in all 22 colors (numbered):

Wow these forums are pretty dead huh? Anyway I was watching one of nouensan Hakan’s videos and I noticed he plinked with hp, like this is probably common knowledge for Hakan players but you can plink with hp and mp because if you get + hp/mp at the same time then still comes out and not either f.hp or mp, I was wondering if anyone knows why this is?

It was also discussed at Reddit:

I have no idea, why it is possible. Maybe F+LK has higher priority over the hp or mp?I don´t know, but maybe ask Eternal or someone else.

Yeah, these forums are dead. The boys are in the Facebook group.

It would be nice for some discussion to come back here. I was on fb and in the group but i needed to take my privacy back :frowning:

It’s happening/has happened with alot of character specific communities on the SRK forums. For some reason everyone starts migrating to a FB group and the forums on here slowly bleed out. I don’t even get the reason behind it, don’t see what’s wrong with just staying here and discussing the characters. Not exactly big on FB either. Nothing to be done about it I’m afraid :neutral_face:

well my hakan bible is still active, i update it every now and then if i have the time to test out setups and confirming them to it.

but yea i think everyone is using fb discussion so if your getting into hardcore hakan then ask for an invite.

OTHERWISE please learn the basics first using all the resources here in the srk forum, really really really annoy to see ppl asking noob questions on fb page… ;p

dang, why is this Hakan subforum so dead mang? its been months since people posted up in this bitch.

On the off chance anyone actually sees this post I was wondering why when I attempt to Oil up it occasionally fails and I just get like st/ etc. instead of oil, i’m doing this in training mode with inputs on and there is no errors in my execution, like 1 in 8 times i just won’t get oil. creazy stupid hakan comeback with guile theme lol check it out

I agree! I’ve been out of the game for a long time and was looking to get back into it with my old alt but daaaaaamn this forum has some cobwebs on it. Guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.