The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Okay well this is probably a scrubby question, but I never really thought about it… can you focus attack on wakeup with reversal timing? I know that CC is a position so it can’t be used as a reversal and I’ve been trying to beef up my defensive Hakan game, which is where I lack severely. It’s what’s keeping me at around 6700 BP T _ T I break even daily due to my terrible defense.

I can also never tell if my FADNC wake ups are reversal timed or if the opponent messed up their meaty jump in. Or when I get hit instead of blocking/ FADNCing on wake up, I can never tell if it’s because you can’t reversal FADNC or my sloppy execution. I pray it’s the latter.


^ yes


Here’s some nice tech I got from watching one of the top XBL ranked Hakan’s against Bison: slide-press, f.dash, It’s safe. Great way to bait out junk from Bison. I think a slightly delayed will dodge head stomps, too and get in close on b.dash. I’m sure we’ll figure out some cool stuff here, either way.


^ So it safejumps EX Crusher?


So… after a slide+press do: s.lp, OS guard position

Thanks for the tech Drew! This setups wins over everything, except ultra and super. If Rufus backdash he can only


i bet on ultra/super it may be possible to opt out of cc, just b/c of the freeze frames


So tomorrow I am finally taking my Hakan talents out of state and will be heading to East Coast Throwdown in New Jersey. This is my first major, I hope to do well!


I’m in pool 8!
and gl!


Good! We should probably play sometime this weekend then. I’m sure you and I will probably be the only two hakans…so we’ll find each other. haha

I don’t have a pool yet…didn’t pre-reg! T_T


Okay, so has anyone else ever had problems with U1 just not coming out? I have a few replays where you can see my inputs do 720 and then PPP, but U1 just doesn’t happen. Not even fierce.


Happened to me yesterday. I did a f.HK into U1 but the U1 didn’t come out. I thought maybe I had done it slightly early and was still in recovery frames but I felt like I just stood there.


It does. I found that if you do a SLIGHTLY delayed OS, after oily slide press, f.dash,, it’ll dodge EX stomp, too, which also sets you up to EX rocket his back-dash. Works well against practically everything Bison does on wake-up.


Both times it happened to me yesterday it was after an empty jump. I had all the inputs for 720 (540), but what seems so weird is that not even EX rocket came out. Literally nothing happened.


^ ^ So then what about dry? The timing of the f. dash is different, no? Also, I’m sure that teleport escapes this, no? On a side note, I’ve been experimenting with OS CC after a [slide, press] s.lp, nj. hk, and it works SO AMAZING against Rose. Pretty much without meter- OS Slide, and with meter- OS CC. So free.

Also, I am sure this has been noted, but I recently saw a video where Bacillus Brain set up a hp safe slide after [slide, press] against a Ryu who backdashed and since he didn’t use the followup to the slide, he comboed into U2. So sick. I added this to my game and it’s a total mind $%^ to see it happen, lol.


I assume it wouldn’t work dry, although I haven’t tried that. Teleport would escape, I’m sure. Maybe you can do a delayed OS hp slide instead of the aforementioned delayed OS

Hmmm… if it hit the opponent out of a back dash, that could not have been a safe slide. Still, very cool. I’ll have to try that out.


Oh duh, lol sorry about that. Of course that isn’t safe, haha.

The setup in particular was backdash, hp slide. Now this has me thinking about whether [safejump OS slide, U2] can be set up as a MUCH more valuable backdash punish than just a raw slide, press. Definitely will make them reconsider backdashing in that situation when you have U2 stocked.

Great, another use for U2. Honestly, I love the move to death, a 1+1 AA almost sounds too good. I have a big problem with the execution though, so I normally stick to U1. Any tips on how to get this down? I just always have an accidental diagonal down thrown in there and it doesn’t come out. It just feels like an awkward input. I know you can hold down and only have to press down twice for it to come out, but that hasn’t helped much.


I only made it to losers Semi Finals of my pool! T_T I lost to the person I came with who usually beats me (Lame pool creation…) and a Deejay player. I don’t know how to fight Deejay. I must improve my game!


Aww man, that’s a shame, I feel like I’m to blame here, need to get cracking with those matchups! -_-

Keep going man


how many hakan players here are going to evo??? of course im going… we need to show what hakan is capable of!!! im watching for top 16 not less


That’s interesting, I found that if you hit someone with oiled on counterhit, they’re actually grounded longer than normal, which means a lot of setups don’t work. The oil dive setups should be fine, but meaty attacks from the standard setups need to be delayed. Not cool.

Haven’t found any positives out of this yet…

edit: I take it back, some oil dive setups don’t work. Well, that sucks.