The Hakan General Discussion Thread



If you do it right, it gets jumps, normal throws and his command throw. Plus, diving over his head is nice, if he ducks. It’s actually quite useful against Honda.

The only technique I woudl recommend against some, e.g. Sagat and Dudley, is to just do the dive but hold down the button from far away. You can provoke an upper that whiffs. Sometimes handy against uppercut happy opponents.


Does that mean it grabs standing normals also? I guess I’ll try to integrate it into my Honda game since I don’t have anything else going for me in that matchup. It just looks so ambiguous though where I wouldn’t expect them to feel pressured into headbutting anyway. Though many Hondas are reversal happy.


It might get slow standing normals, but probably not even that.

I do it after jumping over their head, so they can’t headbutt, having lost their back charge. Hopefully, you tempt them to butt slam, back dash, jump or throw. Otherwise, do slide-press, jump over, jump over again. That’ll dodge EX headbutts and others. To deal with normals, maybe just do a meaty, which will dodge under EX butt slam, too and beat command throw (but will get beat by regular throw). You might even do a delayed xx hp slide, FADC just to break down their defense a bit.


New setup on Honda, well I assume it’s new. It’s the good old safejump. It’s, delayed jumping HK after slide combo. Makes EX slide whiff, butt slam whiff, randomly can cross up. So forces Honda to block (yay!) Even better you can OS sweep not only to catch backdash, but this will also catch EX headbutt as he goes under you. Pretty sick. Didn’t test, but I’m OS super will work as well.

Same situation for dive. Oil dive, whiff >, jump hk.

Honda is forced to block (thank you based god)


Here’s the above referenced Honda safe-jump. I am so glad to know about this. Honda has been such a difficult match up for so long.


Yooo shoutouts to Kokobananaman winning Texas Bar Fights 9 tonight. I got on during winners finals when somebody sent me the link saying a Hakan was blowing shit up. You did great man. Outread everybody.


Thank you. I didn’t even lose a single match besides 1 against all my opponents :S lol I 2-0 everyone, and went 2-1 once. I was really looking forward to taking 1st with Hakan, and I finally did it. Was kinda scared too because I honestly haven’t really touched SF in like 2 months. Winning makes me want to shake the rust off and go further in a major.

Too bad I won’t be able to go to EVO :frowning:


Are there any vids of you playing Koko?


Found the stream here:

It is around the late 4 hour mark the SFIV starts.


As the commentator was saying, my defense can be pretty weak at times lol And plus as his Sakura I didn’t know wtf he was doing… He was just kinda flying around with Tatsu


So I was watching your fight against Chun, but the stream was so low quality, I couldn’t see much. So what happened with the Ultra 1 that they called “godly?” I was like WTF happened?


Is it real choppy for you? I tried watching the archives and it’s so choppy besides the audio. I asked others and they said it was fine, so I figured it was just me.

Umm we pretty much empty jumped in the same direction at the same time, and I just ultra 1 him when we both landed. I didn’t personally think it was anything special but they loved it? lol


Great job…man…I think I could not do better than that. My defense is also weak. In terms of blocking I think Kimo (he blocks too much sometimes) and Mordie are the best. Seriously, I hate chunli matchup. I think your opponent is very good but he did not do much tick throw and flip kicks for mixup luckily. As for Sakura matchup, I think you should do wiff cr lk and hk cross up as drew posted earlier. Too much FADC is not good.


Great job Koko, what a shame you can’t go to EVO!

Personally I think Hakan beats Sakura, once he gets her in the corner (easy for hakan) without meter, she’s in for some pain. Yes she has tatsu against focus, but Hakan has other tools beside focus.

I liked the commentary, they were good at analysing what was going on, and definitely understood Hakan a lot more than other commentators I’ve listened to.

Anyway Koko you did amazing well done


Yeah I dont have too much trouble against Sakura but he seemed really random with his Sakura. Just random tatsu and flying around. I think he was too focused on catching my FAs.

lol At the beginning of my entrance into the scene here, the commentary was really bad when it came to my Hakan. They didn’t know anything… But they’ve learned a bit from fighting me.

I visit California sometimes due to friends living there, maybe I can make an appearance at a WNF just to get some Hakan showtime out there


Let me know when. We will be Hakan bros.


So this proves Hakan is top tier, right? ha ha We’re not at that point, but well done, Koko, regardless.


Just wondering, but has a Hakan been known to win any tournament? Like anywhere? No matter how small. I’m just wondering, and I think you all probably keep track better than me lol


I remember Drew saying he won a small tournament when 2012 recently came out.


Why is this victory for Hakan (and Koko) not front page material?! They post so much other crap. <_<

Edit: Great job. I particularly loved the Gief matches. You could see when the point tipped from you two testing out the waters to you getting into his head. Love that matchup when it progresses as such.