The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Someone just needs to submit it as news to EventHubs I guess lol There should be youtube videos up tomorrow of each seperate fight btw


My only problem with the commentary is they attribute koko’s win to people not knowing the match up. I get the same thing when I win sometimes and I feel it really diminishes the hard work I have put into my character. You want to win tournaments then you better know every match up. Especially if Koko finished 3rd and 2nd before that. Do your research kids.


Tell me about it. That shit sucks. You have to know every MU if your a pro. PERIOD. No excuses. hell just recently Daigo said he dont know the Hakan MU. Look, if you know, Gen, Makoto, T.Hawk and Dan MUs you gotta know High Level Hakan MUs too. No acceptions.


Exactly, it’s a an overused excuse of someone losing to an uncommon character.

‘‘Ah, once he knows the matchup he’ll be fine…’’

Not quite.

Although there are few, a high level Hakan is likely to roll a train over you, whether you know the match up or not.


Well, to be fair, there really aren’t that many high level Hakans out there. Every Hakan these guys around me had played were basic day 1 Hakans, so from that they just label Hakan as a completely bad character and that’s all there is to him.

Then I came in and shook up their world lol


I’ve been playing Hakan in my scene for 2 years now…and people still say I win because nobody knows the matchup. Really guys?

If its not that its “He’s just doing gimmicks”. People don’t like losing to “low tier”.


Well even the texas guys at one point said, it’s all gimmicks really.

Haven’t we got past that stage, we’re calling viable 50/50 mixups gimmicks now?


As much as I try to educate people…nope. People aren’t past that. It’s all just gimmicks, apparently.


Let’s see, soild normals, great mixup game, stupid rushdown game (that isn’t even needed half the time) some legit defensive options (possibly up there with the best) two 450+ anti air specials, and he has red skin.

What a gimmick character!


I have been playing Hakan in my scene for a long time now and they are all starting to come around to it. I refused to tell people that you could whiff a crouch normal to avoid oil dives. I did this not because I wanted to win but because I wanted to see how long it would take for people to take me seriously and do some research. It took a good 5 months. Now I am glad they know because it means I need to adjust my game to compensate for it.

But it just goes to show that even though I was winning with my Hakan no one actually cared to learn the match up. I guess people want that back pocket excuse.


Anyone doing forward-j.lp, dash under, BnB? Seems pretty effective in some circumstances.


It’s definitely very useful, but it’s not an often seen situation because most people go with jump medium as their air attack. Forward lp and lk are underused but can lead to some great mixups.

Also on that subject, Koko, your use of j.hp was amazing! You were ruling the skies with that move!


I am the protector of Turkey’s skies!


Zangief after hand is a mix up
Hakan after a slide is a gimmick.

FGC logic


FYI. I just created a Facebook Serious Hakan players only group. Let me know if you wanna join.


I’m up for some oily facebook talk


so far, Liquigen, Kokobananaman, gbursine, myself, ultradavid and infiltration has been added. hit me up drew on pm with your real name and I’ll friend you on face book to add you.


cool i sent u a pm




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