The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Who is this Hakan player on xbox? D34DIIVII4K3I2 is his or her tag. Watched a replay of this person last night and he/she is really good with a high ranking Hakan.


Yo let me get in this group. Douglas E Pendleton on facebook.


I am going to upload several of this guy’s replays, actually. I’ve been collecting them. Very nice win rate and using good tech.


Is that the Vigilante guy? Or is it that Mexican dude?


Samurai I believe he is Spanish/Mexican from looking at his profile.


Ah yes, Syn has him on his channel



I really liked his FA into uncrouchable dive at the end of the first round! I’ll have to practice that.


Hujoese, Mordi-Kai, Pritz and CitizenCIA. I sent you all FB Friend Request so I can add you to the Oil Social FB page. Reply back so I can add you. as for D34DIIVII4K3I2 , I have like five more videos of him but my 360 copy of AE is broke. I also sent one to you to Douglas.


It seems that he does not do backdash parry at anytime. That too bad. Also FA hit dash cr shorts is very risky cause jumping follow immediate dp always win.


Meh… I think backdash parry is often used merely as a precaution that rarely protects you from anything. It’s only in certain circumstances, e.g. wake-up against throw and jabs and after, that it’s really good. Also, it seems to work against throws and dragon kick after blocking EX chicken wing! Nice technique against Fei Long.


Anyone knows any unblockable?

Hakan is probably the character with the most untech knockdowns (does he even has a techable knockdown?)… It would rock if we find post-slide unblockables, that would be broken.

Right now we have uncrouchable setups, safe slides, safe jumps, hit confirms, frame traps, option selects… etc… but I have not seen unblockables?


Hakan has some unblockables against guy, balrog, fuerte, and a couple of others I’m sure…but that’s all i know of.

It’s the old Oil Dive > Neutral Jump > Jump HK


Neutral Jump HK or Forward Jump HK?

BTW thanks!


i found another link to s.lp setup, starting with

[ > f.dash > x2 > s.lp ]

first whiffs for timing purpose


Nah, I mean after Oil dive, do an empty neutral jump, then a forward jump HK :slight_smile:

Hmm, seems like meaty is a really good throw trap move. You can do uninterruptable normal throw ticks from it on hit and block, also on hit you can link counter hit jabs off of it, as well as interrupted frame trap jabs


So here’s a good trick to deal with Chun-Li’s wake-up EX bird: In doing b.dash, f.dash, lk dive set up, her response may be to EX bird. Instead of lk dive, do neutral jump and command throw upon landing. If your jump is NOT empty, the bird kick will hit you. You can also jump over (to get in close), neutral jump, air throw (to get her neutral jump), land and command grab. Same result, of throwing EX bird as it recovers. She can’t jump out of it, either.


So, with some of us doing a longer range j.hp, that necessitates a longer range combo. Obviously, or work. However, is a bit slower, so it gives more time to hit confirm after a deep Also, it gives the option of a delayed xx hp slide to punish c.lp or delayed xx hp slide, FADC to be safe but possibly still get a knockdown. Probably your best bet and probably worth practicing hit confirm into xx slide, block confirm into delayed slide or simply blocking after or EX rocketing. Plus, we’ve got that 360 into crouching defense, delayed hk dive, which gets neutral jump, back dash and even some reversals, while the moment of defense blocks reversals and crouching jabs.


Hey Hakans.
I rarely ever fight a good one, (Or a rubbish one actually)
But when I do I seem to keep getting caught with a spd+K (slippery run dive grab) on my wakeup when I swear that I am crouching.

Also you Hakans have some combo that leads into a spd+K? I recall getting combo’d with normals and then spd+K’d and I was pretty sure, again, that I was crouch blocking. A normal that causes standing?

(I may have been cr.teching with LK, (Gouken) but surely thats still too low for an spd+K to connect?)

Is there some things I’m not aware of here involving spd+K?

PS: Gimme me all your secrets!


There are startup frames on crouch, simply put. forced standing frames on all wakeups and how positive some moves we have leave us if we hit you with it standing allow us to hit the grab.

Essentially we are hitting you with the grab in situations where you cannot crouch. Some players may hate me, but I don’t like winning on lack of knowledge, I want to win because I outread you. So, the way out of it is to press a CR.normal button. As that negates your crouching frames and lets you instantly crouch. As gouken you can obviously do EX.Tatsu and EX. Demon flip too.


Hakan Oil Dive(SPD+K) can be used as uncrouchble in specific situations or in the middle of combos. I guess the term uncrouchble speak for himself.
There are some ways for you get out those situations, you can mash crouch normals, so the oil dive will whiff, you can counter with some move( eg:Shoryuken), or you can use backdash(but this is a specific one because there are setups that catch backdash too), so you gotta to test it out those options and think wich one is the best in the fight. I hope those information help you, if something is not clear please tell me.


What those guys said ^

Gouken unfortunately is one of those characters that suffers against oil dives pretty bad, especially without meter. Without meter if he’s in the corner he just gets put in a horrible guessing game and it’s a situation you should try not to find yourself in.