The Hakan General Discussion Thread



Thanks to both of you, that was very clear and what I needed to prevent insanity. Haha.

Ok I’ll have a look for those uncrouchables now that I know what I’m looking for.

Good Luck Hakans. x


Be warned if you start spamming crouching attacks on wake-up to avoid my oil dives you are going to find yourself eating some meaty attacks into combos instead. So try to listen for the squeaky feet before you decide what to do.


well its in blacktoof’s interest for it to be a legit mixup then to just eat uncrouchable oil dives ad nauseam. The lack of knowledge is probably why people call them gimmicks. If you both know the score, it becomes a true mixup.
I always feel bad for locking heads in the dive loop when they dont understand what is going on, but I usually keep it going to give them a chance to find a way out of it. If they are good they usually message me about it and I tell them what is going on (if they are bad they usually ragequit).
but heads are catching on
and thats a good thing

this char is so fun


This! lol

I do this also, its such a good mixup. I remember a guy that knew about this and when he hit me with the c.lp he was so kooky (he had a face of “you will not grab me with that”)… little did he know LOL I was so happy when he did the c.lp, the next kockdown was a free combo; his face was priceless… kind of “oh, shit… of course… now what I should do?”… the next knockdown of course was an oil dive. (Yeah I like to see people faces and smile when stuff happens XD)

Also, is it possible to react to uncrouchables?


Did I fight you on PSN? You ID seems to be familiar to me. Is that me who makes you come here to search for an answer?


Some of the HK oil dive set ups are easier because you just have more time to react. The LK oil dive set ups? If you can react to those then you have my respect.


Haha, Yeah it was you that made me come here.

It has happened before, the last time I fought a good Hakan, months ago, but I shrugged it off as I must have been standing.
You did it several times and so I decided to come over here.

I’m on to your secret now Andy! =P


There are no a lot of hakan players on PSN. I have (lao-ji-paii) and andywuzc accounts. My cousin from belgium is also using Hakan sometimes.
Bring it on…You know, dives are good but it is not everything. Hahaha… There are different variations in this. So, the end result will still be the same.


An Oliy flat mess on the ground?
Sure, if your up for some rematches it would be nice.


add me to your list…with andywuzc2


Guys Im seriously blown away right now. The Evo Grand finals, even the whole of the top eight has me super depressed and at the same time im feeling even more excited than before to play this game. I have been working on my Hakan for the past few weeks and that salty suite footage is just…I dont even know.

Does anyone feel like the PS3 is good for playing online? I find my self wildly frustrated when only about twenty percent of the matches that I play are good enough for me to properly land my combos or parry. Is Xbox really that much better?


Sad thing about Hakan… look at about 3:20… [media=youtube]hPBV4pxPy68[/media] … This is Seasons Beatings SS from May. Infiltration laughs at having used hakan… then tries gouken… then goes to akuma and wins 3 straight. Now part of it is obvious Infiltration works on his Gouki more, but as much as hes called Hakan tournament level, he laughed off using him too easily. He didnt even try him final 8 EVO (I conceed it may have possibly been m/u related.) I think if Hakan was in sfxt hed be excellent paired with the right character, by himself in AE hes going to have problems (except for his few 6/4’s)

I think Hakan is a fun character and for 99% of us (playing at home and local tourneys), a perfectly viable character. So enjoy him for the oily beast he is and just put in alot of lab work. Use parry sparingly on bad connections. Nothing wrong with blocking or AA normal.


Hmm… so I mentioned the other day that against Chun, you can slide-press, jump over, neutral jump,lp rocket after a whiffed wake-up EX bird kick. Turns out, this technique fails if you do anything at all in the air, including air throw. Basically, if you do this, you’ll have to punish jumps on reaction in the air or do nothing and land to throw EX bird. Not sure how useful that is, but EX bird is such a common response here, I’m going to try it on occasion. (Landed it the other day, too, the first time I tried it online). It’ll get you a hk oil at least, if you’re dry.

[edit]The other thing I was playing with was nj.hp, OS rocket, mk dive. If you whiff due to them crouching, you throw them. If you hit or they block, you throw them with mk dive. Doesn’t work against taller characters, but it was effective against Ryu, Chun and Makoto, the three I tested it on.


An idea just like this popped into my head yesterday, but then I disregarded it because it seemed kind of crazy. I blame this on my lack of familiarity to the mechanics of the game.
Which rocket would you OS with?
Good Stuff man!!


Are we in agreement that Hakan is fucking solid now? I’m more scared of him than I am of any other grappler. He’s a goddamn game genie character when he’s oiled up =(

It’s annoying when I see him constantly put at absolute bottom tier below T. Hawk. It’s like he can play very fundamentally solid, and wacky as shit at the same time so you can try to play fundamentals and get knocked out when he’s got oil on, and he has so many legit tricks/mixups. Sure, he’s kinda crap without oil but since you start with oil, he’s got plenty of knockdowns and opportunities to put oil on, it’s not a big deal anymore.


So I watched a SFIV tutorial a while back and found that their recommended way of doing plinks was betters than mine. They recommended putting one finger higher than the other and coming down with both together. What’s really helpful is that it takes less thought and doesn’t throw off your rhythm. I got 12 straight BnB’s last night and can often do it without warming up. Also, what’s helped me is using my left hand in rhythm with my right. Keeping it still not only leaves me vulnerable to not block should I push lp too early, it makes it harder to coordinate my movements. So, now, I do s.lp, 4+s.lp, xx mp slide (just because it’s easier than hp slide), using the one finger higher than the other on the plink. Plus, I try to coordinate the whole thing in a way that feels… right to my brain. Seems to help. Still not consistently even trying BnB online, because it’s not instinctual nor integrated fully into my muscle memory, but it’s coming around. I’ll have to watch some Kimo matches and start using his BnB offense on occasion.

I’m sure people have thought of it before, but since people are using j.hp more often (it seems), I figured it was worth considering. I’d use EX, because some people will do a crouching normal to make themselves duck on wake-up, which is relatively common among people I play against who know Hakan well. A crouching normal, of course, will stuff Hakan’s non EX rockets :P.


Hakan has been fairly solid for a while, but in 2012 he’s an absolute beast. It’s safe to say when oiled he is one of the best characters in the game. Yeah, the tier placings get to me too, I think it shows how a lot of of people just don’t understand the character. I’ve always said if you ever end up without any oil it’s kind of your own fault, so the less you get into that situation the better. The best players for me are the ones who can stay oiled the longest and keep track of when they’re about to run out.

Hmm I’ve been working on option selects recently, just messing around. I found some success in os lp slide, but I realised I’ve been missing a trick and so much damage potential, when you can do st.lp > OS HK/EX dive which works on like every character lol, and then afterwards (you need to practice the timing) you can press or st.lp again quickly, to either combo or keep the opponent in place. I’m still working on the combo timing, of course it’s impossible to confirm using the option select, you just don’t have enough time, so it’s pretty much a guess with the timing of the second press, but this is the OS i’ll be using and I think it’s pretty sick.


had no idea hakan could focus attack and then ultra2 peeps as long as he’s close enough for his opponent to fall on him.


With the right timing, you can level 3 focus, dash cancel, focus attack again, THEN pop U2.

The damage is ass. BUT, it’s impressive, and might just be the amount you need to win, considering Hakan’s FA is such a trump card.


Working on another option select, this times it’s with sweep. You go standing lk > OS > st.lp, so you need to get the rhythm of the button presses down (you have to do it pretty fast) but this means if they backdash they get sweeped, if it hits then you get the combo confirm, pretty sweet!

Edit: I’m not sure how many other characters can do this lol, but something I’ve been doing recently is walking up to someone on wakeup, scouting a backdash and punishing with with it’s long ass range. You don’t even need to be that close to the opponent (assuming it ain’t rose) It’s really easy and is a massive punish for someone backdashing while thinking they’re safe, just something to try out!